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    Got too many heads, too many expenses... don't think we have many Randall fans in these parts but I'll throw them up anyway! I'd prefer local sale in the Los Angeles area, but will ship on your dime... Prices are OBO of course! Randall T2 head only - $550 Probably my favorite of the bunch...
  2. Matt's Music
    We just took delivery of a couple MKV's, they're sitting factory sealed and are ready to become the best amp you've ever owned! Head - $2099.00 1x12 Combo - $2249.00 When you buy from me you'll pay no sales tax if you're outside of MA and I can get you 6 months 0% interest financing. Give us...
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    My beloved, oft-abused Supreme 160 is sadly on the way out after a couple of years of having the shit kicked out of it at my drummer's place. I use it every friday night with the volume dimed, and I let everyone else that jams with him use it as well. It's starting to sound differently, the...
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    So yeah, my curiousity has been peaked lately about the following heads... 2010 Road King II 2010 Roadster Multi Watt 2010 Triple Recto Of these, it seems like the Roadster would be the best choice. I like having 4 good channels (uber clean, classic crunch, marshallesque hi gain, mesa hi gain)...
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    "Rubber" - A movie about a Psychic Tire that explodes heads... 'Rubber' is about a Psychic Tire that kills people by exploding their heads I wanna see it :rofl:
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    Wirelessly posted (Useless fucking piece of shit: Opera/9.80 (S60; SymbOS; Opera Mobi/448; U; en-GB) Presto/2.4.18 Version/10.00) Anyone have experience with these? I just need something really easy to carry about and cheap. I can pick one of the 500w ones up for £360. Just need to know if it's...
  7. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    You know this isn't the first thread I'll make. :lol: I need some effects now. The 2101 is no good through a loop, and I want to keep my old rack in tact for my second cab. That said, what's decent around $500? I had an 1101 and didn't mind it, but the G-Major seems like a more popular choice...
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    World's Strongest Beer: BrewDog's Alcohol Heads to U.S. -- Printout -- TIME :drew:
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    Here is my current rig (Engl Powerball + Vader 4x12) (Peavey 3120 + Framus 4x12) Really like the way both of these sound, and are great in their own way!
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    Got an invite to come over here from Chris (Old admin from Sevenstring) Sweet site!
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    Peavey fans : 2 new heads. The "3120" :: Winter NAMM: Peavey Launches the All-Tube 3120? Guitar Amplifier ... And the Vypr (wich we already knew about the combos) :: Winter NAMM: Peavey Expands VYPYR? Modeling Amp Series With Tube-Powered Head Add that to the new...