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  1. General Music Discussion
    This is GREAT!!!!! The Riffs are badass!!! Starts around min 00.42 +/-
  2. General Music Discussion
    Is that a thing? I'm back on an Earthless kick, and this kind of stuff just gets me right in the goobers. I'm wondering what other acts out there are doing it, but with a heavier vibe...
  3. General Music Discussion
    This ticks all my boxes - dual lead harmonies, singer with a Di'anno touch, (and i mean that in an absolutely positive way), modern but raw punchy sound (because my man Alan Douches mastered that shit) get that album for 8,- bucks directly here...
  4. General Music Discussion
  5. Matt's Music
    I am not a huge Les Paul guy myself but I am SOLD on this thing! Under 8lbs, great feel, great pickups! :metal: SPECS: Alder Body with Maple Top, 7lbs 12oz Ebony Fingerboard Black Finish with Heavy Aging Black Hardware and No Body Binding Pickups: 1 x Classic Hum Neck, 1 x Classic + Hum...
  6. Music: Other Instruments
    So at the beginning of the year I decided I needed a 5 string Precision in my life, I wanted something classic but I wanted to give it a very modern feel, inspired somewhat by the Roger Waters signature Precision but with more black and active soapbars. Since there seems to be two options for...
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    The EP is really close mix wise and i'm really excited about it. Gonna leave this track up for a bit, hope you guys dig it. This is one of the heaviest on the EP and is the title track "Start Over". Quite a departure from our first single. The whole EP is a bit of a departure from it really...
  8. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    A couple months ago I got a 2018 Les Paul Signature Player Plus.....came with BurstBucker Pro pickups (I hate them). So I tried what I had on hand: A Duncan Distortion, DiMarzio Super Distortion, Duncan Custom, DiMarzio Air Classic, Duncan JB, Duncan Jazz, Carvin Distortion. BTW, this Les Paul...
  9. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Since I just got a Marshall amp, I needed a Gibson Les Paul! True Story. I needed it. :agreed: Got from Sweetwater.....and went with the available option of getting a TUSQ XL nut installed (added $90). Just because. :yesway: The pickguard assembly (and extra stuff) came in the case, I'm...
  10. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    OK.. I have to see this :) 'Heavy Trip' is the title of a new comedy that tells the story of a fictitious Finnish death metal band named Impaled Rektum and their trip to play a Norwegian metal festival. Trailer: :metal::metal::metal:
  11. General Music Discussion
    I just can't believe how heavy then end up being with the band. I didn't expect it and I love Bumblefoot is in a band that he can be himself. I really hope these guys stay together. Finally a good Prog Band besides DGM.
  12. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Misha just posted this on FB: Huge thanks to Jackson Guitars - Official! for putting together this incredible Custom Shop Heavy Relic Strat for me! This is a bit of a unique piece because it's designed to be a mix of what I go for in a guitar but in a Strat format. Specs are...
  13. General Music Discussion
    Hey everyone! It's Saturday and I'm looking for some new music. Know any good stoner rock bands? Think fuzz / psychedelic / heavy / blues riffs with solos and vocals. I'm already a Clutch fan and I consider them (while not pigeon-holing them as stoner rock) as one that might come up. Go.
  14. Music: Recording Studio
    So I'v been plugging away at a project that I'm pretty into. Sort of a stoner metal/doom/rock sound. Thick heavy fuzzed guitars. Some of it is for lack of a better description, Sunn-ish in tone. I think I'm doing alright with it for the most part as far as recording tones, but since actually...
  15. General Music Discussion
    and it rules. hard. current album: older songs (pay what you want):
  16. General Music Discussion
    Was listening to this the other day and realized how fuckin' heavy it is: You guys have any favorite moments like this? Kinda fun to think of what constitutes "heavy" outside the context of metal
  17. Matt's Music
    We started talking to the folks at LSL instruments about putting together an artist inspired relic of one of our favorite relic super strats and it is finally ready! Who knows where we got the inspiration from?? :yesway:
  18. General Music Discussion
    I'm producing these guys debut album right now and today they're ready to showcase an early mix of a song! The singer Walle is just out of this world! They don't have an official lead guitarist at the moment so I help them out and record solos on all tracks. I hope they get it released this...
  19. General Music Discussion
    Check em out! Super heavy metal in the vein of Icon, Dokken and all that. We're going to finish off vocals soon, and then start recording drums. I helped them out with solo guitars for this album. They will probably have their album out in 2017!
  20. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So, following up all my previous posts about Detune pedals, Delay pedals and Wah pedals, I found the perfect one of each kind and ordered a custom pedalboard from to make them easier to use and easier to carry around and set-up. Now, I've always hated using pedals live because I...
1-20 of 182 Results