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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hey guys, This is a demo that just came out a few days ago of the Full Metal Hatchet, hand soldered ultra high gain pedal. Thought you all might be interested. (snip)
  2. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    What high gains amps have a tone darker for you, without have the need of change your EQ to get it? Namely, what amps, can give you naturally a dark tone and not a brigther tone?
  3. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I notice a lot of guitarists nowadays getting ERG's. Seems like a lot of people are getting 8 string multiscale guitars in particular. Why is it that it doesn't seem like anybody extends the range on the high end as well as the low end? I get the whole Dent thing.....but can't you Dent on a...
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I need buy a new amp, my EVH 5153 50 watts, I not like, the tone not is for me. I want a head that can give this tone in cleans (in the video at 2:30 minutes): Like you can see, the tone in both videos is fat, cream, rounded, fuller, but with definition. Exist a head that can give me this?
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Wirelessly posted (The Balrog) Psych, bitches! New 5150 day /m/
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Sorry if this thread should be somewhere else but i have a question.~Should i get a seymour duncan invader pickup in replacement for my jackson high output humbucker?~ Or is there no big difference in sound but just $80 out of my wallet? BTW i have a jackson js23 dinky special run satin grey.
  7. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    so I bought an Ibanez RG752fx seven string, great guitar, but not really liking the Dimarzio PAF 7's in it. They sound OK, but not enough output. So I need recommendations for a Higher output set, I usually like Duncans, I have guitars with the Full Shred and Distortion, and I love both or...
  8. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mesa TriAxis Programmable Preamp Version 2 Has Phat mod and Recto mod per Mesa Customer Service Cover missing a few screws but is solid Has a few scratches on bottom All LEDs and pixels work - no issues RARE Chrome face Mesa High Gain Amp Switch...
  9. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Which sounds better.... Marshall dsl15c or Blackstar metal hr5?
  10. Music: Recording Studio
    I saw this and thought that Axe FX users (and others who use IRs) would be interested. Here's what Kevin from the OwnHammer says about these IRs: So many IRs and so little time.
  11. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    PRS Archon Head - High Gain - NEW in Box Never Opened 2 channels 100 Watts Never been used Comes with: Footswitch, footswitch cable, power cable, original box References (eBay or other forum userid): I am on Ebay, Jemsite,,, Thorn Forums, HugeRacks, Marshall...
  12. General Music Discussion
    :metal::scream::metal: Fucking Album RULES!!!!
  13. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hi, I'm looking a good High gain amp to play with my band. We play things as: Alternative Metal and Rock, Post-Grunge, Hard Rock and Nu Metal. I want a amp with a sound articulate and definite, with body and low end. Somebody can help me with this? Please.
  14. Finance & Economics
    Very interesting article. Free exchange: The price of getting back to work | The Economist tl;dr version; contrasting the US and UK economies, the UK has recovered to normal employment growth much faster than the US - both countries saw sharp decreases in demand after the recession, but in the...
  15. Sports Talk
    Tom Brady still can't get a high five from Patriots :rofl:
  16. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    so this just came out... sounds pretty good IMO but i'm on laptop speakers so... :facemelt:
  17. Music: Recording Studio
    This is finally fucking done... and here I am spamming my shit once again :flex: [/SIZE] Here's some fun facts for you: Total file size of the project folder after completing the final render is 97GB with 1,593 files. It was rendered with the H.264 codec in 1920x1080 at 30fps, VBR 2 pass with...
  18. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Here is the result, hope u enjoy :)
1-18 of 60 Results