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  1. General Music Discussion Tiers include -"Used Guitar Strings - 40 euros" -"Autographed Hand Lyrics - 90 euros" "Tour 2020 VIP Pass - 20 euros" and "Chris Holmes Magic Mug - 30 euros" I have no idea how he expects me to use that 2020 pass, since the...
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    Look who's having a TV Reality show:
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    It's not great. Shocker.
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    Oh that's right... because it's fucking horrible. This guy's life reads like a PSA for Alcoholics Anonymous.
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    Get ready for a decibel shower (his words)..... I like the music, his singing not so much and that ackson he is playing I have always loved... Call Off the Race, We Have Found the Best Metal Video of 2015 - MetalSucks
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    Man, I watched a whole series of this guy on NetFlix, and now I want to tear into every inch of my house :lol: Anyone else feel that way after watching?
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    I'm just gonna put this right here.
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    This looks pretty good! I like Guy Ritchie Films (Except that POS movie he did with Madonna)