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    Holy Sh!t- EVH is dead According to TMZ...
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    This really amazed me in so many ways :eek:
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    Been waiting for this for a while. Not the best of their newer stuff, some of it is too Loudblast-y (not that I don't like Loudblast) sounding, some is a bit too modern for my tastes, but not bad. Not quite as good as Syncretism though.
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    These are his vids from Megadeth audition, and learned all of Marty's parts in 2 days (which is insane).
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    Most people probably know what this is by now. Basically two Marshall Bluesbreaker clones in one box, with some minor tweaks. I did get the higher gain red side, since A. that seems to be the most popular configuration, and B. it'll thus flip well, if I don't like it better than my MacGuffin...
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    Is just amazing. Sounds just like a damn pedal steel. jesus :drool:
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    Pretty great arrangement, but on top of that this singer is incredible. The ending, in particular, surprised me. Edit: meant to post this link. But, this too.
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    The actor who plays hodor on Game of Thrones was back stage and got to jam with Megadeth and played Holy Wars. EDIT: ANDD I screwed up the title RIP.
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    ... was it CRAP!!! Of course, the Kramer re-logo I was fully aware of when buying. Not bitchworthy. But here starts the funny stuff! Fret ends was hanging in the air! This MUST be a bad re-fret right? Or can frets really lift off this much? I've had other guitar parts from 70s and 80s that...
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    I've been on the lookout for one of these for quite a while and I finally snapped one up. I know no one posts threads like these but I'm too fucking excited about this. Morbid Angel - Domination. Original pressing in slime green with the alternate, even more dodgy artwork. GLORIOUS.
  12. Guitar: Instrument Discussion GAK have this on sale and just look at that thing... So badass. I'm not really a TOM guy nor am I crazy about red guitars but I love the look of this thing. The headstock, inlay, colour scheme, pickup set. :yum:
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    A few months ago, I remembered that this guitar existed and fell in love with it all over again, basically because of PYRAMIDS. I became desperate to get one and whilst scouring the internet for one, I noticed that an Amsterdam music shop was selling one for a pretty reasonable price...
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    It's been a good week for New Amp Days on this site hasn't it? I thought I'd add to it with an amp I've been after probably since I started playing guitar... I've never seen one outside of the US for sale but Mattayus managed to find one on Facebook, not only in the EU but it has already had the...
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    This amp sounds VERY Ty Taborish to me. This thing sounds fucking killer. Anyone ever here of this brand before?
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    Well the final guitar arrived and I could have almost cried. a 1998 RGR580PL. It was rated a 'B' at the store I bought it from and they lied. This thing looks like NOS. Not a mark, not a scratch, not a single mark anywhere. The cosmo black hardware has not a single pit or spot of corrosion. It...
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    Disclaimer: This is a Chapman video, apologies in advance to those with an aversion. Around the 2 minute mark is where the warehouse shots begin, for those who want to skip. That robotic selection process is just unreal :facemelt:
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    There had been a few rumours going around but it looks like positive grid finally made a bias amp head! 600 watts solid state by the looks of it. Could be pretty cool if priced right Edit. If this does the tone matching stuff it could almost be a near kemper alternative