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    Suhr Modern Custom Waterfall Burl - Faded Trans Green Burst |
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion This color is hot!!! its like road flare red's bastard little brother. I'd buy it if I wasn't saving money for something else!
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    Holy fucking hell. :holy: I mean, I knew the neck and middle were good, but... 1) Now they're through proper 250k volume and tone pots, darkening and smoothing them a hair, and 2) now they have an awesome, awesome, awesome bridge singlecoil to compliment them. Thick, powerful, and clear...
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    Goddamn. All told, a great way to spend a weekend! My sister and I drove down to Columbus Thursday night and stayed at my aunt's place, and headed up Friday first thing. Wifey and our German exchange student came out Friday night, and all Saturday. They couldn't make it Sunday, so my brother...
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    Holy shit! :lol:
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    For iOS: Accurate to 1/100th of a cent. :holy:
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    Holy shit. Via his instagram:
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    Holy Shit. This popped up on my Pandora Doom channel...
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    Ibanez JPM90HAM 90th Anniversary John Petrucci Model | eBay :drool:
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    So after a few go arrounds of recommendation threads on here with various instruments, a breed set always came up. I grabbed a set a couple weeks ago and installed them in my Jackson SLX which is maple neckthru a basswood body. I wired them up to a 5 way ibanez switch and then was jamming...
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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts) Seriously, check it out. Bottom of the page. Just another reason I love what the man did, so far ahead of his time.
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    NCD: holy damn Oversized 4x12 Nomades oversized 4x12, custom made in Quebec, Canada, rear-loaded with Eminence Tonkers (600watts total). Cab is black tolex and gray metal grille(not chrome) which I will refinish to Matte Black. There it is, tried today with my main rig - Engl e570 into VHT...
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    Pain Of Salvation have gone and covered Holy Diver - Metal Hammer I don't like Dio, and, although I love Entropia - Be era PoS so super hard, I'm not into them these days. So this pretty much ain't for me. They've kind of starter-jazz'd it up, which I don't dig and can't imagine many here...
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    Disregard this post
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    Here's the first Sleep music in 20 years | Metal Insider Hell yes. :metal:
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    Holy shit, Jim owner of S7 Guitars busy online Someone posted this over at SSO...:lol: Jim isn't finishing your guitar because he's busy getting laid online! Skip to 1:02 :lol:
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    WTF??? Tony Gwynn DIED?! I had no idea he was even sick, let alone cancer. Jesus I loved that guy man, greatest hitter I ever saw. RIP big man. :( Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies of cancer at age 54 | Fox News
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    Wife's Time Trial Bike - Imgur I got this from the Reddit DIY sub ( I made a bicycle for my wife : DIY ) and was blown away. As the top comment says, "On behalf of lazy husbands everywhere, fuck you. Seriously awesome, impressive work."
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    I've had a JB\Jazz 7 set in my Mayo since I've had it and I've always liked the basic overall tone. However lately I've been thinking of a change. The JB in the bridge is just too damn flubby. I want more definition and attack, especially on the lower strings. I'm not that fussed about the Jazz...