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    Okay, so I'm still kinda freaking out about this. A while ago my brother and I recorded a tune under the name Fire With Fire, you may have heard it, you may not, that is not the point. The point is that a friend of my brother, Tyler Hall, liked the song, and also likes to do source movie maker...
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    Are we being trolled? Guitar Sex Master Class | Tom Hess Online Guitar Classes
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    The cast of Lion King (Australia) sing "Circle Of Life" on commercial flight. I had to take a close listen, especially at the beginning, those harmonies sound unreal. Like this kind of shit or not....amazing is fucking amazing! EDIT: This video would be much better without the two dudes...
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    that headstock :eek: PRS Private Stock 7 String Reverse Spitz Headstock | eBay
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    Seriously, what doesn't this song have? Fucking awesome riffing, technical ability everywhere, great drumming, Mustaine at his peak and Marty laying down ridiculously technical leads that fit the song perfectly, all with bad fucking ass lyrics over it. For non-musicians, it's just an asskicker...
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    The Roli Seaboard :eek: I've never wanted a keyboard this badly in my life.
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    So, after having my Agile Pendulum 6 (with an SD Blackout) listed on Craigslist for a little over a week now, asking trade for a PRS SE, I get an email from some dude that reads: I have never heard of this brand of guitar EVER. Nor would I ever be interested in it. Nor could I imagine that it...
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    FT: BKP Holy Diver set, looking for metal-suited BKP. I bought these on a whim thinking they'd suit me, and while the leads are indescribably clear and crisp, and the cleans are fuckin' tits, I'm looking for a set more suited for metal. These will do rock, and anything and everything 80's...
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    :lol: Spot on.
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    Looking to mix it up a bit in my alder Suhr. I like the Aldrich, but I'm tempted to try a MM in it anyway (since it's the best pickup ever), or the Holy Diver. Mine's black, f-spaced, and in 8/10 condition. Usual scuffage from playing. Looking to trade for either of these in similar condition...
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    Symphonic Choirs Virtual Instrument You can type in words and it will sing them! Check out the examples on their page. Expensive, though. Here's a vid I found of some dude demoing it:
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    Just clicked a gallery picture...and it actually pulled it up! :woot:
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    Ibanez J Custom Handcarved Devil Mask Jem Awesome Guitar One of A Kind Kubuki | eBay That thing is fucking badass. I'm not generally a fan of an overly ornate guitar, but goddamn....
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    :eek: I don't consider my playing as amazing or anything like that and I'd never ever would have dreamed to have somebody do a cover of a solo I wrote. So I'm the last person in the world to expect this. But damn! :bowdown:
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    So last night I borrowed a rather rare Ashdown Fallen Angel 180. Unlike my FA60, these bad boys were built in the UK and semi hand wired (couple of PCB's, but the interconnections and the connections to all the chassis mounted stuff like the transformers & jacks is hand wired). There were also...
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    What an absolutely awesome, bonkers-sounding pedal! Church organ or B3... I want to get one and play the intro to "Lazy!"
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    ... I thought everybody did :( Maxxxwell Carlisle "Speed Force" PV - YouTube! Holy. Fuck.