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    So, recently moved house and plugged up my Laney VH100R. The noise was ridiculous. I had to turn the guitar to a very specific angle to stop the buzz and hum and even then it didn't go away. Decided to plug up my rack rig and the same problem appeared. Every guitar made the same god awful noise...
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    Bought a house: This means I'm finally getting a home studio that's not a corner of a hallway in an apartment - yay! I'm thinking about acoustic treatment... I don't have extreme needs, and I don't like the spiky foam stuff. I'm considering saving a bit on building DIY sound panels (flat...
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    I haven't bought a guitar in years (haven't played in years) but I have been looking at tons since I expect to be able to play by July/August or so when my surgery heals. One of the brands I am looking at hard is Hamer. Anyone have one or play one regularly? I had an amazing Californian a few...
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    Good music was played. :metal:
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    Might be moving, and the less that travels the better. :) All prices are shipped in the USA. Paypal ONLY. No international shipping. References: iTraders here,, and Jemsite. Ebay under toshiro77. Location: Daytona Beach FL Contact: PM me. Pickups: Dimarzio Tone Zone SOLD...
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    these just came in from Xitone today rack we will also have an Atomic CLR and an RCf wedge to A/B using the Vht and the Matrix to power the passive wedges and my 2X12 :) so far the Xitones powered by the VHT sounds pretty sweet, but I've got a bunch of patches really dialed in for m 2X12 now...
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    Got this for my b-day(thanks teebes :wub:) and I'm about to sit down and check it out. Anybody see it yet? Figured it's a good evening for it. It's cool and rainy out. And maybe I can start a nice roaring fire with the shattered remains of my acoustic guitar. :yesway:
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    Is anyone else watching the Netflix original series, House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey? I'm up to Episode 10 & it is reeeaaaaly good. If you have Netflix, check it out.
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    Anyone else caught this? Pretty awesome setup, Hall has guest artists over his house to just shoot the shit and jam. All sorts of killer musicians and super-tight performances of H&O songs. This one is particularly awesome:
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    You record something! After a fun day of putting out a bunch of pumpkin colored shit, I really had orange on the brain, so I whipped this baby out and plunked down this widdley diddley.
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    Dude shreds wide stretch pentatonic. Fucking asshole. :lol:
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    is amazing! no noise restrictions for me!
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    The Onion is so very awesome. :lol:
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    Pedals: Some pics! The Leeds and CS-3 are at my girlfriend's apartment at the moment with my practice rig. I will take pictures when I can. -Bodenhamer-modded Boss CS-3 - Dunno what he did, but it sounds 'cleaner' than the stock CS-3. Sounds great, but I don't use it. $60 shipped...
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    FML :rant: B.C. Rich USA Handcrafted Ignitor Custom 7-String Electric Guitar Trans Black | eBay
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    Just got this in the mail, an ENGL e630 preamp, predecessor to the e530 one space available today. When I bought this I was hoping it would be nastier/grainier/less smooth than the modern ENGL lineup, and it is a bit, but it might still be a bit too smooth for me, I thought that being older it...
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    Man Used a Loophole in the Law to Pay 16 Bucks for a $330,000 House :winning: