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    My friends that live on the outside of town hold at least two shows a month, primarily all types of punk. They've had a metal show with great success and some rock shows as well. Through letting bands crash at their place after shows they've developed a huge network of great bands who are...
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    And it's awesome, oldschool blues. :yesway: Home Page | The Official Hugh Laurie Website | Let Them Talk | Hugh Laurie's Debut Album
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    So he buys this for $30,000... Well no one was brave enough to check out what was inside the barn before selling. Much to his surprise, see the link: Barn Cars
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    Hey guys! It had been a lot of time since I don't post here. Well I'm into electronic music, someone's in? Here's my new set from december. Hope you enjoy it! Frank Meier - Some Dose On (Dic 2010).mp3 - - online file sharing and storage - download :)
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    Woot! And for you right handed folks - Apparently I was so excited I couldn't spell "coming" correctly :nuts:
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    Every year I accumulate a shit ton of parts for guitar projects that either don't end up working or I don't end up having a use for. I'm also a minimalist in that I hate clutter or anyhting that is surplus to what I need. So I figured instead of throwing all this stuff out I would just post it...
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    Holy shit is this weird but awesome!
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    Got this a while ago, but it had a crack in the fretboard. I got it repaired but didn't have time until now to set it up and take pictures. I have Analytical Chemistry, Physics II, Biochemistry, and a general all at the same time. Today I got a break though so I threw a nailbomb 7 in the...
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    I first played through a Framus Cobra a few years ago at a NAMM show. I had tried their Ruby Riot combo and really liked it. Plugged (the Diablo Light Scotch) into the Cobra and that was it. I knew someday I'd have one. No rush though....I liked my Rivera TBR-2SL and it's served me and a...
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    Ibanez J Custom RG8270VV Guitar JEM Gibson Fender Japan - eBay (item 220342391120 end time Jan-16-09 23:09:30 PST) I know this looks bad of me to post this being a very new member of this site, but I think you folks here will appreciate this truly gorgeous instrument more so than the vintage...
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    HOUSE OF HEROES have just unveiled the video for "In the Valley of the Dying Sun." The song is taken from their new album;*The End Is Not The End. The epic clip was directed by Endeavor Media Group who has also helmed videos for artists like THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, BAYSIDE, [...] More...