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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Revdrew and Bigdave allready know so they cant play
  3. Music: Recording Studio
    Ok, couple threads about mic positioning and speaker choice and whatnot, coupled with the realization that my general preference for dark, smooth sounds was leaving me with a guitar sound that any normal, sane person would call way too lacking in detail and was actually causing problems with mix...
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Fender GE-412. Snagged off GC Used. Trying to cure some COVID boredom. Shipping was only $36.
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    My C rig has a Hafler T2 preamp, power amp etc. The Hafler has been driving me nuts since I got it. Too polite, it's got a fender sound to my ears. I just snagged a Diezel VH4 pedal to try and get some usable tones out of this rig. Not too bad, but I'm going to cut my losses, off the T2 and run...
  6. Guitar: Gear Discussion
  7. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Just ordered a Rocktron Valvesonic Plexi tube preamp. They are being blown out for $300. They have a Blackface version as well.
  8. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Incoming pre-owned RG7421. I got a killer deal on some brand new Dimarzio Illuminator 7's. Needed a guitar to put them in.
  9. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Incoming pre-owned RG7421. I picked up a set of Dimarzio Illuminators for it today. Stoked.
  10. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Incoming amp. I know they are hated around here, but the I snagged a XXX off Guitar Center Used. This will be the fourth one I've owned. This one will probably stick around.
  11. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Just ordered one of these: For my basement cardio man-cave. Nordictrack was doing a big cyber Monday discount, so I ended up getting it delivered and with the extended warantee for a hair over 2 grand. :yesway: Nobody gives a...
  12. Music: Recording Studio
    Scored a deal on a Focusrite Clarret 8pre USB. I figured with the new monitors, I needed to up my game. I scored an open box for a pretty good deal. Up to 118dB dynamic range compared to the 105dB of my M-audio Firewire 1814. Stoked.
  13. Music: Other Instruments
    I was using a Gallien Krueger 700RB but it had some issues. It was free to me, so not a huge loss. GK was super helpful when I emailed them about issues with the amp and they said it should work fine as long as I don't use the speakon outs. It worked for a while but now there's some type of...
  14. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I was searching for a Crate G120C out of nostalgia. Missed out on one on Craigs List, but found a GX130C on The Net They are very similar amps. Looking forward to getting it. I have a pair of Mesa Black Shadows I might put in it.
  15. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    My gear whoredom knows no bounds here lately. :lol: Wasn't planning on buying another guitar for a while but this was a deal too good to pass up. Samash has some of these Les Paul CM's open box. Got it for $409 shipped after a coupon. A single pickup les paul has been a dream guitar for years...
  16. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Digitech Freqout and Drop pedals incoming. I've wanted both for a while, just hadn't gotten around to pulling the trigger on them. With what's going on with Digitech, I wanted to get them before they got scarce or too expensive.
  17. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I've basically waited since 2013 but now it might finally be finished soon... :drool: (long story short: there was an constructional issue with the build back in 2013, but as far as I can see, it has been adressed and fixed, and I'm ready to finally order it now, and on top of that, small but...
  18. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I've been without an amp for a few years now unfortunately. I borrowed one for band rehearsals recently and have only been using VSTs and impulse responses for recording the past few years. Well, no longer! I sold my old single recto to Leon years back due to financial issues/life changes and...
  19. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Incoming XXX. I was going to wait until a friend bought my 6505+, but this came up for cheap on Ebay so I swooped on it. It's local, picking it up in the morning. I love these amps, great for the brootalz.
  20. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So while I was shopping for an acoustic last Saturday, the same place I got the RG470 for $60 had this JCM800 sitting there.....note the price tag- It's a 1986 2204, modded with a Series/Parallel loop in the back. I left the pawn shop with the RG, but kept thinking I was passing up something...
1-20 of 73 Results