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  1. General Music Discussion
    I dig it. :yesway:
  2. General Music Discussion
    As a present of sorts for our anniversary, my wife bought us tickets to see Joe Bonamassa in Austin, TX. Last night was the show, and Joe did not disappoint. It wasn't a 'greatest hits' collection or a blues review of some sort - much of the material was either unfamiliar to me or his...
  3. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Satchur8? | DiMarzio Interesting for Satch going for a high output alnico 8 pickup. Colour me curious.
  4. General Music Discussion
    Really digging the "throaty" tone of the initial riff. Rest of the song is Joe as we are used to it. Some are already saying same old same old... well if it as different they would complain it wasn't Joe :)
  5. General Music Discussion
    Joe Satriani Announces New Album, 'What Happens Next,' 2018 G3 Tour With John Petrucci, Phil Collen | Guitar World Satch just dropped news on a new album and a G3 tour. This would be interesting. From the sample of Energy, it's got a power trio vibe a la Crystal Planet, which is cool and...
  6. General Music Discussion
    :lol: Old dude had quite a growl :lol: RIP Old dude.
  7. General Music Discussion
    Lengthy interview, I'm only about halfway through, got it on in the background while I work, but it's been fun and interesting so far (who knew Hetfield was a fucking bee-keeping expert!?)
  8. General Music Discussion
    I'm not a fan of his but- JESUS. Check out his home collection. :eek: Welcome to Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa's Home Collection
  9. General Music Discussion
    Went to see Joe. I haven't been to a concert of his since the Extremist tour and to be honest that was probably the last album of his that I listened to from beginning to end multiple times. I have to say it was a pretty good show. He always tours with talented musicians and this time around...
  10. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Came across this browsing ebay. Cheap amp for the holidays. Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature 120W Guitar Amp All Tube Head 014367107814 | eBay
  11. General Music Discussion
    Hi all, New to this site but been into heavy metal guitar for a long time and have always really liked to find/listen to new artists. I thought I'd share one for anyone interested. Some reviews below: Joe McGurk â€" Elements review - Review: "Mcgurk, Joe: Elements" - Sea of...
  12. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    I love watching these videos Larry makes with his artist and Satch just sounds phenomenal. Enjoy guys!
  13. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    In my NGD thread for the Kramer Focus a few days ago, I noted that I was getting a Pacer Imperial (which the Focus is based off of) with which to compare. Well, here it is, straight out of 1983. I also included a few bad photos of the two guitars together for comparison's sake...
1-13 of 99 Results