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    I know the last few were pretty melodic, so here's some with a bit more shred :flex:
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    A friend of mine showed me this I thought it was really cool.
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    Joe Satriani | Vintage Guitar® magazine Stumbled across this interview. It's pretty cool how Satch goes in depth with the info on how much he uses some of them. Also didn't know that the first 3 tracks in Time Machine were all the Esquire, very surprising. Plus after reading that makes me...
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    I didn't see anything here about it, but just noticed it on the Ibanez Site: Electric Guitars JS - JS24P PREMIUM Joe Satriani | Ibanez guitars I've liked this configuration since it was debuted 5 years ago. :yesway:
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    Goddamn Joe had to go remind me about these once I started looking at new cars instead of used. Picked this up this afternoon. Hot as balls so I'll get more photos soon. My only complaint is the wheels are fucking ugly, but I have 0 desire to fork out even more cash to replace them right now...
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    Joe has quite a bit of guitars and apparently is borrowing a few as well! Have not made through all of it. But everything seems pretty rad so far! :yesway:
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    Every day Joe dont know how to flow. Everyday Joe dont know note from note. Joe has no musical education. Joe has no musical expectations. (aside from awesomeness) Joe doesn't want music to pick apart. Joe doesn't usually consider it a work of art. Joe only wants a soundtrack, a background to...
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    Very interesting and pretty cool to see how he grew up playing.
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    Got this for my b-day(thanks teebes :wub:) and I'm about to sit down and check it out. Anybody see it yet? Figured it's a good evening for it. It's cool and rainy out. And maybe I can start a nice roaring fire with the shattered remains of my acoustic guitar. :yesway:
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    Holy shit.
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    oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!!!!!!!
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    Is it just me or is this song awesome? Always loved Satch's tapped stuff, too. I wish he'd get back to doing more of it! Playing my Ibanez RG7620 with custom maple neck that ENdtime built for me. This guitar has the Dimarzio Crunchlab and Liquifire in it. I have them wired to a Stew Mac...
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    Hey guys! Made this last night as a little tribute to ol' Voldemort himself. Satch has always been a favorite of mine and a huge inspiration to me. Plus like every legato lick i play is some sort of Satriani rip-off, so i'll always owe him that hahaha.... Anyway, let me know what you think!
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    It adds that nice little jazz tweak to your playing.
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    :agreed: The whole set. :D
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    ...and how your hands are the most important part. Very cool story, from a very cool guy. Though, I was just waiting for "...but seriously, buy my signature guitar, pedals, pickups, etc." :lol:
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