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    If any of you were ever or are into BMX(even in the slightest), you should check this movie out. I've been into it since the late 70s when I was a little kid and really got into it in the 80s(and now back into it :D) and I never really new any of it origins. Holy shit these kids were fearless...
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    Plenty of tasty phrasing going on here! Both rather talented.
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    next album comes out already in May. this guy does not sleep. studio-diary part 1: THAT FIRST SONG. :eek:
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    MUSIKMESSE 2012: Marshall Joe Satriani JVM410HJS | I Heart Guitar
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    I went to see Joe Bonamassa live, here in Finland and i have to say: Holy fuck! Seriously. 2 and half hours of epic goodness and i was blown away by the very first second. The band was tight and Joe just owned! No i have to apologize for myself, because i'm not the biggest fan,don't remember...
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    Instead of, ahem, working on my album, I recorded a backing track for Satriani's "Friends" in standard Drop-D rather than a half step down so I wouldn't have to retune to jam along with it. Then, tonight I figured what the hell, I'd make a video for youtube since I haven't posted anything in a...
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    Probably old news, but: On the bright side, my girlfriend now loves the Satriani original. And, once I got over my shock, it IS kind of cool to hear the way her producer worked with the chord changes here.
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    Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has lung cancer according to son - College Football News | FOX Sports on MSN Karma? :shrug:
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    See what I did there? Just the intro so far, for shits and gigs, but plan to finish the song with vox etc, should be fun!
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    Former heavyweight boxing champ Joe Frazier dies - :( @ 0:24 for the famous knock down.
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    Just downloaded "Dust Bowl" earlier and this song really stuck out so far to me. It's like he can funnel metal, rock, bluegrass and country into one song. I like it anyway.
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    I finished the first book (The Blade Itself) of this on the flight out here today, and it was a very good read. :yesway: Even thought the book was a lot of plot and character/world-building with not a whole hell of a lot of "action" to speak of, I found it extremely engrossing. It's a lot like...
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    Made some cover videos of some of my favorite old Satriani tunes! I love both of these songs, let me know what you think. I'm using my swirled Ibanez RG7620 with the Bare Knuckle Aftermath set, using the split neck pickup for both videos. Tone is coming from my Line 6 AX212, which i've had for...
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    so i dont know about the rest of you but the Avalanche have been my favorite team sinced they moved to my beloved state of colorado. and im a huge Roy, Forsberg, and Sakic threesome of doom fan :metalorc: i wish they were all still in the league. when the final link to my fantasy roster decided...
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    Wondering if anyone had heard of Joe's guitar? A small luthier based in Utah salt lake i think.. wonder if anyone own one here.. have seen his work published in Young magazine and was a strat build... and visited his website its got other outragous simple builds and model available... would...
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    Album out since a few days, recieved it on Monday, gave it a few spins already, and really like it so far! Its definitely better than the previous one, Black Rock, but doesnt hold up to "Ballad Of John Henry" (which is my favourite Bonamassa record so far) - but i didnt expect that. Production...
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    I love how he has his pick stuffed in his back pocket...:lol: