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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    So, I got myself a new guitar. A Jackson USA Juggernaut HT6 in the super rare and beautiful Matte Lambo Orange finish. But it didn't come without its issues! I bought it used from a shop on reverb and it arrived last Monday with the top strap peg snapped off - good job DPD... Naturally I was...
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Hey guys, Here is another late NGD, but this one is because this guitar was getting used quite heavily for the new Periphery album. This is my Juggernaut HT6 in Matte Orange, I like to think of the color as being the Orange equivalent of the publicly available Matte Blue Frost. Two key...
  3. General Music Discussion
    Just wondering if the band has come out and said what their actual concept behind the album is yet. I've read several theories online, and I'm wondering what the true story is. Anyone know?
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
  5. General Music Discussion
    Alpha Stream Omega Stream: yessssss
  6. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys, this is the last song we are releasing from our Juggernaut albums before they drop, and right in time before we head out on tour. Hope you guys enjoy!
  7. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys we just debuted this, and I figured I would drop this one off here. For all your 8 string needs:
  8. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys, posting this for all you djent crazed axefx II toting 9 string masters! There was a lot of BKP used on this...A LOT! I'd say I hope that you guys enjoy this, but let's be honest, given this forum's clientele, we all know you will. (don't have much time so I might have just...
  9. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys, this just went live, so I figured I might as well post this here for you fine fellows. This is a track from our upcoming Juggernaut: Alpha album.
  10. General Music Discussion
    I like that they've broken their usual trend of releasing something spastic/shreddy as the first look at the next album. I've always preferred their more melodic stuff on its own, and only really liked the more spastic tracks in context of the album.
  11. General Music Discussion
    Here is the latest from guitar and bass tracking in the studio for Juggernaut:
  12. General Music Discussion
    Here is some updates why not?
  13. General Music Discussion
    We are back in the studio, got a nice long concept album demoed out, and now we are tracking that big bitch. Here is a lil update from the drum side of things:
  14. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Just got these pups installed into my MEII! I never really dug the PRS pickups, so swapping these out has made a world of difference tonally! It doesn't hurt that they look amazing in the guitar either haha! Not much else to say really so here are pics:
  15. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    I know that a lot of you guys are huge fans of 8 string guitars so I figured I would share the news: My signature Juggernaut set is now finally available for 8 string guitars! Yes, that's right, you can now rest easy and finally get a good night's sleep knowing that a relatively...
  16. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Thought I would share. Huge thanks to Misha for asking me to check them out. Super legit pups!
  17. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Been working on this for the last year with Tim Mills. Good buddy Nolly helped with the design as well, because we all know he knows tone, and Dylan Humphries (Daemoness) desigined the optional laser etch logo for the covers. These will be out soon in 6 and 7 variants as covered/uncovered...
1-19 of 19 Results