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  1. General Music Discussion
    I normally don't care about covers or anything like that... But these two women and bands KILLED IT. I about had a stroke... "I Was Made For Lovin' You" doesn't sound like a Disco song at all. Which never bothered me anyway. The Blonde girl has my heart...
  2. General Music Discussion
    This is pretty entertaining...
  3. Music: Recording Studio
    Gibson buys Cakewalk and kills it a few years later. Lame. Gibson Brands Ceases the Development of Cakewalk Products
  4. General Music Discussion
    KISS Official Air Guitar Strings :ugh: :roll2: Now.. WHO buys this shit? (not even talking who buys any KISS Record...)
  5. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    I watched this with the lady last night, basically because we found it on Amazon Video and thought it looked so bad it could be good. We were not disappointed. This is so monumentally awful, it's amazing. Highlights include random product placement ads for Kiss-themed merchandise, totally taking...
  6. General Music Discussion
    It would probably sound like this :flex: Bonus video :flex:
  7. General Music Discussion
    Especially the Ace Frehley one :lol:
  8. General Music Discussion
    Is... wait... what the actual fuck?! :lol:
  9. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Does anyone know what Jackson model (and the guitar's specs ) was used by Mark St. John on Animalize?
  10. General Music Discussion
    I am no fan of Kiss, and am not disappointed that this is only in South America, but since when is Ed Roland of Collective Soul a "rock all star"? Members Of Kiss, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses Form Supergroup
  11. General Music Discussion
    Human Factor: KISS frontman Paul Stanley hears music differently - The Chart - Blogs Paul is deaf, that explains it! :rofl:
  12. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    I've been having a ton of service dropouts recently. And this is the only help they want to give. If this was a phone support call she would have hung up on me. Fucking horrid.
1-16 of 27 Results