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  1. General Music Discussion
    I play drums and bass Then we have Marcus on vocals, Johannes on keyboard and Fredrik on guitar. All from PALANTIR :flex:
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Greetings, Earthlings. Pics are coming. As many of you know, I bought a Marshall Origin 50 head and paired it with a Marshall 1936 2x12 cab (one of the older Brit ones) stuffed with G12T-75 speakers. This weekend, I did a bit more horse-trading, trying to regroup around a smaller, more...
  3. General Music Discussion
    From the upcoming Distance Over Time Album EDIT: New Link, Thanks Scole for posting it :yesway:
  4. General Music Discussion
    So album is out. Great riffs and amazing vocal (Howard is beast). After hearing 1st 2 songs they released from album I was so hyped up. Revival will be on my playlist for next few weeks. :metal:
  5. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    It uses Light to capture string Motion and transfers it to analogue sound: Light4Sound
  6. General Music Discussion
    Since I injured my left arm I reaaly need to downsize the gauges I'm using. Whenever I can pick up guitar again I will try: 0085 set for E standard (previously 009) 009 set for Eb (previously 0095) Maybe lower if it still hurts my tendons. Anyway. To boost my morale I wanna hear some kickass...
  7. Science 101 with Leon
    HR 8799 - Many Worlds This is awesome. Have a look at 4 planets in another solar system moving around. Science rules. :leon:
  8. Science 101 with Leon
    Watch This Guy Turn on a 20,000 Watt Light Bulb | Motherboard :leon:
  9. General Music Discussion
    I saw these guys play with Caspian in Rochester this past winter. They played Toronto last week, and I had my bandmate pick up their new LP "Endless Light" for me. I figure maybe some of you guys would enjoy it.
  10. eBay Auctions
    2X D'Addario EXL158 Nickel Wound Electric 13 62 Baritone Light String Set Free | eBay For sale are two sets of D'Addario EXL158 Nickel Wound Electric 13-62 Baritone Light string sets. New in unopened retail packs. I'm offering two D'Addario Nickel XL 026 plain single strings for those of...
  11. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I think they are a little high asking that much for them, but if you go the cash. SG Dark 7 SG Light 7
  12. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    c wut I did thar? ;) 1993 Parker Fly in 'galaxy grey' w/ Sperzel 'D-Thing' and Roland GK-2AH (currently disconnected): 2003 Parker Fly in 'butterscotch burst': The pair:
  13. General Music Discussion
    Edit: I tried to embed, it didn't work. :shrug:
  14. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Hey guys, Just picked up an Aristides 060 Strat in Light Blue Pearl. I'm on a big Strat kick as of late, and as much as I love my '59 American Strat, I was thinking it would be cool to get myself something that is philosophically opposite to that guitar. This guitar doesn't have any wood on it...
  15. Science 101 with Leon
    Sorry for my ineptitude for embedding video. I tried and didn't work. If someone wants to explain it to me like I'm 4 years old Thad be great. Anyways, in light of Shark week (which I've been glued to because I can't ride my bike still ), this seemed cool
  16. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So, I know I said I was done buying stuff but taxes came back and I missed the Blackstar HT20 combo amp I traded for the MIJ Strat. It was a great amp, but I wanted the Strat more. I found this on Craigslist from a local guy. It's a Mesa Boogie Rocket 44. It's in great shape and I got it for...
  17. Science 101 with Leon
    Pretty cool stuff :) "The speed of light in free space is 186,282 miles per second, which until now was thought to be a constant. While light slows down when passing through water or glass it returns to the speed of light when it comes out the other side. In this experiment the speed of a...
  18. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    I want to get a studio strobe again, and rather than find where the fuck my light meter went, I was wondering if any of the light meter apps on iOS are worth a shit, when coupled with the instant gratification of digital photography.
  19. Music: Other Instruments
    Yeah, got this tonight as it was at a good price. GK 700RBII and a Mesa Powerhouse 610 cab. Sounds killer and a nice bit more roundness to it than the 410. The GK head is kinda cool, although the basses I have don't seem to want to play nice with it. Even took a pic of the two rigs side by side...
1-19 of 55 Results