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    (side note, I'd play the hell out of that "Tele" he's playing)
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    Buy Dean Markley 2509 NickelSteel Electric Guitar Strings F150 | .010 Gauge | Musician's Friend I've just confirmed that my other guitarist uses these 10-38 Dean Markleys on his Jacksons. Please help me explain to him why these are objectively false. :nuts:
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    just finished it and tuned up the strings.. I just want to say it opens the door to vibrato comes in more natural..and feels wonderful! I only went very light..not even 1/4 of Malmsteens
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    Apple - Movie Trailers - Until the Light Takes Us Looks interesting.
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    but this time, of a new guitar! its finally here! so, its got a new 7 with chrome poles and a fucking lundgren m7 and a lo pro and a prestige neck and a rockin bod and a magic ass-end ITS AN RG9147NTG!! :woohoo: just got it half an hour ago, and took it outside to take some...
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    Since the carvin is (hopefully) on its way out soon, i thought id snag some good pictures, since its fun and shit :lol:
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    Hey guys, so in preparation for the Periphery album i rerecorded the song "light" The drums were programmed by Orbo so this is how he is going to track them. Used the Axefx for rhythms and s2.0 for drums, and pod for bass, cleans and leads (though not all the layers are there because i just got...
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    Bay Area deathy types LIGHT THIS CITY have posted another new song from their swansong album, Stormchaser, on the band's MySpace. "Beginning With Release" joins the previously-posted track "Sand And Snow" as two online previews from the 12-track album which will see a November 11 release through...
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    Danish grind sensations A KID HEREAFTER IN THE GRINDING LIGHT have confirmed that they will release their debut album in Europe in February 2009 and will predicate that release by performing at this year's Danish Metal Awards in Copenhagen on November 15. Listen to some early tunage. More...