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  1. General Music Discussion
  2. Matt's Music
    Say hello to Diezel's newest and simplest amp in their lineup, the 'Lil Fokker! This 2 channel Rock beast sounds incredible! A great clean channel mixed with a HUGE OD channel with PLENTY of gain on tap for every situation! SPECS: 100 watt / 2 channel amp including serial loop and dual...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Lil' Fokker :lol: Zerrer is a pedal-based 2ch preamp, based on Ch3 of the VH4 for the gain. Lil' Fokker is an extremely stripped down, basic, 2ch head.
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    Sorry. I thought this was the right subforum to post this stuff. My fault. I ll post it elsewhere.
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    Record Distorted Guitar For Free at Home Using IR's (PC or Mac) Just a little guide I did up on how to record at home using IR's. Sorry I would copy and paste the whole thing onto MGO, but the images are hosted on my site directly, and I don't wanna upload them all to Photobucket as I'm short...
  6. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    This video features Brent, the owner of The Guitar Shop (one of the best guitar shops in the Toronto area) demoing a little micro amp they're selling called the Li'l Blastard. That's 0.5 watts of tone. Sounds AMAZING!
  7. General Music Discussion
    Probably his most famous: Wonton Soup Like a Martian - Wait for the golden lines. Cook Steak Knife - awesome I'm Paris Hilton So, is this worse than Design the Skyline, Rebecca Black, and Creed combined? I can't help but laugh at the comical nature of the lyrics.
  8. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Anyone think that this combination would work well? I have the 4x12 right now with the Eminence speakers in it, and I'm most likely snagging a 2x12 from Skyze next week. Coop wants to sell me 2 V30's from their Orange to replace them with P50E's. I like the sound of my rig through his Orange cab...
  9. General Music Discussion
    Check him out :) He is out of practice and last night was the first time he's played in 2-3 months but... he's still the man! I had a BLAST! It's been SOOOO long since I've jammed with anybody!!! MySpaceTV Videos: Jeff, my drummer, my best friend doing what he does best! by JoBo
1-10 of 10 Results