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    I'm looking for a looper on a budget and i would like to keep it below $150. The only feature that is a must is that it has either usb or a sd card so i can load in my own backing tracks...any suggestions?
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    I'm on the hunt for a looper but i'm kinda lost honestly. I have a single looper i'm running all of my modulation pedals into (then into the effects loop of my amp) currently, but I would like something that will also switch amp channels. One thing that confuses me is how do all these loops...
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    Tomsline Ocean Verb SOLD Kokko Compressor $35 Shipped. A micro compressor, true bypass as far as I know. A few nicks and has also been velcro'd. Ammoon Looper SOLD
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  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I've been listening to a lot of people who (sound like they) use compressors, so. I need one now :lol: I've heard great things about the Keeley compressor, but outside of that I'm lost. I'm looking to get a Guthrie Govan, and Aaron Marshall kind of sound. As for a loop, I just want something...
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    TC Ditto Looper & Flashback x4 - Guthrie Govan, etc way cool :eek:
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    Hey MetalHeads!! I am in the market for a Looper and wanted to get some feedback on what you think is the best looper for live shows that isnt too exspensive!! Thanks for the HELP!!
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    Anyone here using the Mobius looper from Circular Labs? Home I've downloaded it for the second time after a failed attempt a couple of years back. This time I've kind of got my head around the basics and set it up with my old Roland FC-200. I've currently got footswitches 1 - 5 selecting which...
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    So nice, just what I needed for my newest project.
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    This is great, spot on. All of your normal switches work the same as they usually do, then you kick it over to Reveal mode and the switches you've defined become the looper controls. Tap Reveal again, and it goes back to normal.
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    VOX | VL1 Dynamic Looper This looks really cool.
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    My project this weekend was making a looper pedal. (Yes, this is my idea of fun.) The case is polished aluminum. I think it turned out nicely: Man that's a bright LED! The looper is a great tool for bypassing multiple pedals at once, or making a single pedal true bypass. While making it...