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  1. General Music Discussion
    We are a two man metal band who are making an EP DIY style. This is a diary. (Note before main topic: I wasn't sure if this belonged in the recording section or not because 99% of this thread will contain pictures or video of the process of recording, not actual recordings.) snip HELLO! This...
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    An album/demo/full length EP/something :metal: :lol: And it only took three to five years to finish... Hope some of you enjoy it.
  3. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Edit: "It's time has come". Bogner needs a proof reader.
  4. General Music Discussion
    YouTube to mp3 Converter You enter in the YT url, convert and it allows you download an Mp3 of the audio track, does it in seconds so you don't have to wait for a video to play through. I'm using it to make samples for in-between songs, just grabbing movie/TV quotes that are in relation to the...
  5. Music: Recording Studio Turn that shit up and observe as it explodes out of your (preferably large) speakers. First time I've done vocals on something and released it (thank the gods of Melodyne for that).
  6. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    My birthday is coming up in 3 days, and I'll probably get around $250 from my relatives and family friends. I've been thinking about building a cheap parts-caster for a while too, so I feel like this is the perfect time to build one. I was just wondering, what are the best options out there...
  7. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    I've really got the urge to give it a shot. I'm not trying to do it to a professional standard or anything, just want to give it a shot for fun. My band has a song that has a real stoner vibe to it, and I'd love to grab a beat up SG and put a home-made pickup in that bitch for gnarly grungy...
  8. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Spinning this off from whichever trainwreck of ours this started from... So, I like pizza. I like making it, and I think if you're going to make it, you pretty much need to make your own dough. It takes some foresight and while it can be done by hand a decent stand mixer certainly makes it...
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    Over the last few weeks I've been taking samples from various drummers I've been recording, as well as borrowing a few from drummer friends etc, and am compiling a multisampled package which will be up for sale soon. But one of them, a brass Yamaha power piccolo, struck me as the most...
  10. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Judging by this video, the X-series pedals are a HUGE improvement over the original ones.
  11. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Yo dawgz of MG. I posted a while ago about re-shaping a pick that I made when I was 12 and making it all hipster custom funky and whatnot. Anyway, here are some more I made which I hope you'll enjoy checking out! First off, a bunch including the first one (red), one fatso jazz, a standard jazz...
  12. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Sony making a Last of Us movie -- Who would you cast as Joel and Ellie? - GameSpot
  13. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Hi :) It was a while since I've posted a new figure in this section, and since Iron Maiden is awesome I though I'll share this here :) 21,5cm / 8.5inches tall Eddie Figure / Sculpture. Eddie is playing a Jackson Adrian Smith Signature Strat Guitar. The Making Of Video Video of the finished...
  14. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Just caught this on Twitter: and the link leads here: I can't figure out what that pedal on the right is. A phaser?
  15. Music: Recording Studio
    Does anyone here have experience making drum tracks ? I'm looking for someone who is interested in doing drums to a couple of tracks I'm working on.
  16. Finance & Economics :\
  17. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I was looking for some way to tone down a bit my insanely loud Laney VH100R, when I came across one interesting post (from dpm, IIRC) about setting the loop as "insert" and using it as a volume control. Well, this may be something very basic but I never used the effects loop on my amp until...
  18. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hey! I've got an AxeFX II rig and love it to death, but I also have this Blackstar HT-20 head and Avatar 2x12 cab that rock!! Since I got my new cab and actually have a real amp again, I'm thinking about making a new pedalboard. I'm looking for a good board that will polish my sound a bit more...
1-19 of 65 Results