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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    $500 for a freaking pedal??? Ohh he must have had a discount because its $599... PreDrive Pedal - Handwired - Pettyjohn Electronics
  2. General Music Discussion
    I know they don't like us :lol: and to be honest I'm not too fond of how they have acted around here. That being said Wes Hauch is a fucking beast of a player. Just listen to this solo :metal::agreed: Solo start around 3:35 Has a Tim Calvert/Marty Friedman style vibe to his lead work....I dig...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hard to believe these tones are coming out of this amp! :yesway: here's a link to the amp Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp | GuitarCenter
  4. General Music Discussion
    No surprise here... Loomis & Merrow writing an album together and it sounds Epic. I am very pleased to see how well Merrow is doing with his musical career, he has is such a talented guitar player and it is quite nice to see him do something with such talented musicians! Plus him and Loomis are...
  5. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    The Schecter KM-7 Keith Merrow sig. :agreed: Specs:
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Specs: Ash Body maple Neck and Board Duncan Nazgul and Sentient Hipshot bridge, O-Ring Knobs and Locking Tuners don't know the rest blacKat doesn't list anything else for specs. This is one tasty guitar.
  7. General Music Discussion
    Just noticed this on his Facebook. Hope the guy is going to be all right but it got me thinking how I just do not take this into account when I'm playing. I know about it and I know it can be very different for everyone. Some people recover after a month or two and some have it for life. I...
  8. General Music Discussion
    Alex Webster to Join Conquering Dystopia with Jeff Loomis & Keith Merrow "This will be an instrumental extreme metal project. Somewhat progressive but the emphasis will be on making it HEAVY." - Webster VERY EXCITE
  9. General Music Discussion
    I did a cover of Keith Merrow's song Top Romulan from Retrospecial in my makeshift home studio. Took me forever to program the drums how he did in the song. Hope you guys like it!
  10. General Music Discussion
    :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal: I'd really like to try these now!
  11. General Music Discussion
    Me and Jason filmed the set for our Gear Addicts show. The last song Loomis came out and played and it was epic as Hell.
  12. General Music Discussion
    I couldn't find a topic for this yet, wich surprised me for it is a pretty cool contest!
  13. General Music Discussion
    I found a few things interesting, I know keiths on here, and I nicked this from Olas fb, but thought I'd post it anyway. Cool guy (with great tunes) Edit: missed & by several keys. No inference to money implied, they just look a bit similar and I derped.
  14. Guitar: Instrument Discussion That's certainly worth a click. :hbang:
  15. General Music Discussion
    and album apparently :metal:
1-20 of 27 Results