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  1. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Got this: American Special Stratocaster. Not digging the Texas Special in the bridge. Looking to drop in a single-coil sized Humbucker that won't cause me to have a an aneurysm trying to balance the volume with the Texas Specials in the middle and neck. Also, I'd love not to change any of the...
  2. General Music Discussion
  3. General Music Discussion
    This was so much fun to record. Hopefully you guys dig it.
  4. General Music Discussion
    Hey everyone! Not metal, but I did an acoustic cover of the classic piece, "Have yourself a merry little christmas". Just a chilled out, relaxing piece, the way Christmases should be like! Hope you guys did this one, give me a like or subscribe if you do! Merry christmas to all and a blessed...
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    -->zip file here<-- From the recent Glassknuckle recording sesh. They're largely raw, but a little processed for ease of use. They sound hella boss under a squishing of compression. Share, make .gog and .tci files, and enjoy!
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    So I'm in the honeymoon phase right now. It is beautiful. The flame on the board is great(it might not show well in these badly lit shitty pics :lol:) It plays so well and the fit and finish are impecable. I'm really impressed with this one. I bumped the pups and am using the black limba pickup...
  7. MG.ORG Status Updates
    As my gift to Chris and the entire community at, I have decided to donate to the site. Since I don't view or click any advertising, I don't generate much revenue for the site, and I use it a hell of a lot. So, Merry Christmas to all you guys! I'd really encourage anyone else who feels...
  8. General Music Discussion
    Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    I just ordered the ZZounds value pack on this page!!!!: KRK RP6G2 Rokit G2 Active Monitor at zZounds Includes: - 2 KRK Rokit6G2 - 1 Samson C01 Large Diaphram Sudio condenser mic - 1 Behringer C-2 Condenser Mic - 2 Tripod/Boom mic stands - 2 XLR to 1/4in TRS cables - Audio-Technica Monitor...
  10. General Music Discussion
    Otherwise known as the 5 day day drunken recording and gigging weekend!
  11. General Music Discussion
  12. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Kenwood Excelon DNX8120 Navigation receiver at :yesway:
1-13 of 17 Results