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  1. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
  2. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So, I bought the flagship amp. I've never done that before. Do I need a full beard now? I'm honestly blown away. First impression is that this thing is awesome, jaw-dropping, a near-perfect Mesa amp, and I've only played it at low volumes at home so far. I was able to set up MIDI on it super...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hey guys, here you can check out my new video using the latest and greatest in video game technology!
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion I've been wanting a Mark for a while, and recently cleared out some extra gear (still more to go) in order to pick this up. I really wanted a IIC+, but those are ridiculously expensive, so I ended up with a Mark III...
  5. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    That sounds like a bandname from the 90s :rofl: My bassist Jason and I got together this last weekend and customized the faceplate of my Triple Rectifier. I had a few stains and scratches on the chrome and wanted to go for a sleeker, darker look with the shiny light-metal grill still showing...
  6. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    James and Adam were exceptionally helpful this summer in helping me choose the right gear to get this rig really going. My criteria I set out for was that the rig needed to set up and tear down fast and sound pretty much perfect, meaning I wanted to get the right effects and pedals integrated...
  7. General Music Discussion
    So my Dad just bought a 1981 Mesa/Boogie IIB Coliseum (180-200 Watts), freshly re-tubed and refurbished by MESA. I plan on making a clean & nice video at some point showcasing this Canon of Sound. It gets really close to the sound of John Sykes on the 87' Whitesnake album. However, he had a...
  8. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I apologize guys... I've been meaning to celebrate some new gear with you all sooner! However, I just haven't had the time and wanted to have footage before sharing. Without any further, I present the MESA:Boogie Mark V and the EBMM JPX LTD. Here's some video footage: Something weird is going...
  9. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hey guys, Looking for people with experience with both of these amps in a touring situation. We know ampegs die a lot but we hope the newer ones fixed that issue. The mesa has a history of overheating, not sure if that's fixed in the 2013's. It will get run hard twice a week at practice and...
  10. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Finally some serious possible competition against the Mini Rectifier. I want a Road King so I might switch to the Mini Mark rather than the Mini Rec depending on how much I like it (but it'll take a lot for me to switch :lol:). Also mid-boost on ch. 1 and the built-in cab clone are interesting...
  11. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So today I purchased my first cabinet! A Vintage Mesa/Boogie Cabinet. I do not know the proper name for it... It has the BlackShadow Speakers. Here's a video of me playing through it... It was quite a lovely day outside! Sounds absolutely fantastic! I have heard many great things about the...
  12. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Im playing a dual rec solo head with a tube screamer front of my mxr noise gate. I love the tone of the amp but im in search of a more creamy/ saturated tone. Anyone know how i can achieve this? Been thinking of getting a different OD pedal. Tone monk seed of life maybe?
  13. General Music Discussion
    Borrowed a buddys Triple Rectifier. Did a cover tune while I was at it!
  14. Member Introductions
    Hello, This is Sinan Güngörer speaking...(dont care about my surname, only Sinan is ok). I'm from Turkey - Istanbul. Well if u wonder what I'm doing, check out my Youtube channel: I focused on using Axe FX Ultra (as cabinet sim and A/D converter) with...
  15. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    For Sale: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster - $1600CAD + buyer pays shipping. 4 channels containing 3 modes each, separate tube/diode rectification, reverb, bass/mid/treble/presence/channel vol/gain, global output and solo controls, foot-switchable tuner mute and FX loop. You get: -...
  16. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I just pulled the trigger on an immaculate looking 50/50 on Ebay for $400. So I'm back to having a tube amp again :woohoo: I'll eventually upgrade back to a 2:90, 2:100 or Triple Rec, and my new rig of HD500 and 50/50 isn't quite my Axe FX / 2:90 rig I had 6 months ago, but hey, with the...
  17. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I can't find the best amp there is for metal, cleans, power, prog, shred and everything else. Help! :( Just kidding, here it is.
  18. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Let's get them all in one place. :lol: A) Should I power the amp off if I switch from bold to spongy on the power section? B) As above, do I need to power it down if I go from Diode to Recto Tracking?
1-20 of 32 Results