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  1. Sports Talk
    I posted it in the MMA thread but it's worthy of it's own. This is fuckin' awesome. Young MMA fan with Down Syndrome gets his wish: Time in the octagon with former UFC fighter Nate Quarry - The Washington Post Morning Report: Nate Quarry comes out of retirement to help make one young man's...
  2. Sports Talk
    Big man vs freakishly huge man, guess who wins... YouTube - Fedor Emilianenko v.s. Hong Man Choi!
  3. Sports Talk
    Hoelzer Reich Clothing - German Iron Cross & Skull T Shirts How about a Hitler themed company? Assholes. :noway:
  4. Sports Talk
    So, in news - 1. WEC. Mike Brown Defends his featherweight title at the latest WEC, against the always awesome Uriah Faber. Faber breaks his right hand, and damages his left in the fight, and basically has to compete with many of his weapons nullified. Great fight! Plus, there was some serious...
  5. Sports Talk
    Better luck next time. :lol:
  6. Sports Talk
    Most Unexpected MMA Knockout EverVideo Just fucking WOW!
1-6 of 7 Results