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  1. Music: Recording Studio
    Are all wireless studio headphones these days Bluetooth? What the fuck. I just want to be able to go over to my amp and change settings without having to take off headphones and worry about a cord getting in the way. Be able to walk around the room while playing and listening to the close...
  2. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I'm thinking of using Kemper Aux as basis for my wired IEM setup (screw wireless with their latencies and COSTS!!!!!) But can I put something like this before Kemper as limiter to avoid hearing damage in case something happens with the PA system????
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Are you having mono or stereo in your IE monitors?? I've asked around on FB groups and so far it seems like some actually just go with mono monitoring... I just think it would sound mushed together but maybe it's easier to setup. At least I do think it seems easier to find gear for it. It's...
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I dont have a wireless system for my guitar... So I was thinking couldn't I tape a earbud cable paralell to my guitar cable? Anybody tried this? And, what are good earbuds that is also isolated well from the loud stage volume?? I dont want all additional latency that would be created from...
  5. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Brand new, never used. The system consists of a P9T transmitter and a P9RA bodypack receiver. In-ear monitors not included. $1,100 OBO. Free shipping to US. I've done deals on here & eBay id: jm2484
  6. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    When I get my Elysian RG7621 from Adam I'll probably offload my RG1527M, and I'll have a hefty chunk of change from that. That being said, I want to buy an in ear monitoring system for my guitar that I could hear my axefx's signal,and a wireless system for my guitar. Wireless, I was thinking the...
  7. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Anyone here is using In Ear wireless monitoring? I'm considering to switch to this system but i need your advices! :scratch: Has anyone tried this brand? LD Systems | In-Ear Monitoring I already have these Earphones by Shure,the SE215....
  8. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    So I'm just wondering if any ENGL Savage owners can chime on this. *I should note that the other guitarist has a Randall V2 Ninja, which also has a compensated line out* I'm planning the summer tour with my band and really want to be able to use wireless IEMs. I'm trying to think of the most...
  9. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Free Network Monitoring Software | Spiceworks Free Network Management Software Any of you IT-types use this? I use What's Up Gold for everything at work (where I can) but it's a tad expensive, and a free light alternative for smaller projects is right up my alley.
  10. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report
  11. Music: Recording Studio
    Seriously. They aren't nearly as flat as most "studio headphones" so I wouldn't necessarily advocate them for mixing, and it goes without saying that while positioning a mic you're either going to want to use something else or, preferable, record a couple seconds of a "test" clip once you think...
1-11 of 11 Results