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    Anyone in the mood for a little progressive black/death metal? This is the last song I contributed writing guitar to before having to step over to just singing after a hand injury. We're starting to move to more proggy territory, so I thought maybe a few of you guys would dig it!
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    Can you fix the link on the xbox leaderboard page that directs you to the users achievements for a particular game? When you click on a game tile it directs to Clearly, this is a serious fucking issue, that needs to be addressed ASAP. :yesway:
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    Lookin for some heavy chug chug metal with good leads to jam to, have really no idea where to start, other than loltallica, and Pantera, been there done that. Preferably instrumental or not death metal vocals.
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    You ever have that unique experience that your (insert music player of choice) is able to pick the exact songs that remind you of your situation that your currently dealing with? I'm kinda going thru that right now. It's weird. No matter what I start with in my iTunes the way it randomizes...
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    I'm a little burnt out on shredding so I've switched "modes" for a while. I've always been a huge Trower fan. This song is a hoot to jam to. I don't see a lot of younger players out there have can play slowly like this and make every single note "sing". :yesway: nice fat tone without a ton of gain
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    Figured I'd start a thread about this, could be fun. I'm looking for songs/bands/albums that it's impossible for you to stay in a bad mood while they're playing. A few to get us started: battlesoul on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads ^ Awesome Celtic thrash...
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    Man, it's been a solid week straight and I cannot get the following songs out of my head. Warheads Cupid's Dead (that middle interlude is the funkiest thing ever to hit rock/metal) Play With Me We NEED more players like him.
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    How about this for an odd bit of kit? It's called an echo cornet, the idea is that by engaging the 4th valve the sound bypasses the bell and enters the echo chamber, mimicing the sound of an echo. Very cool for messing about on.
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    I was just looking for some live versions of this to compare with the studio version and see what parts of the piece he tends to vary, and came across this.:)
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