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  1. MG.ORG Status Updates
    Guess I'll have to fix it. Thanks for nothing, Drew. :mad: Things might be slow and/or down here and there throughout the day until I have time to really figure out why it's sucking.
  2. General Music Discussion
  3. General Music Discussion
  4. General Music Discussion
    Probably not. I rarely listen to the entire album, even though it's one of the greatest crossover albums. But this song is a stone cold grade A anthem.
  5. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    I thought this was pretty cool - old highway overpass that connects two sides of a state park. Most of the graffiti is pretty profane, but this was like a motivational poster in the making. :yesway:
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Hey guys! Found this about an hour and a half outside Oslo, so very happy and excited. Few quick things about the guitar. AANJ, maple top which is seriously thick!, maple neck and board, clock inlays and a nice mahogany body! Craftsmanship is absolutely perfect, and I love the matching...
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    Came up with this yesterday on my break:
  8. General Music Discussion
    Nice sunday morning and some absolutely FANTASTIC guitar playing. i really like Guthrie's attitude about music and his approach to guitar. It may not be metal, but damn this guy can play….
  9. General Music Discussion
    Dream Theater released a free live album at 6:00 this morning: HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM DREAM THEATER - Dream Theater Official Blog I'm downloading it now...
  10. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I took today and tomorrow off (even though I'm actually working right now on stuff :( ), and I took about 30 minutes to play my actual amp, the amp that's sat dormant for months on end. I played my RG through it with the Evo in the bridge, which I quite like. Sounds good, typical RG through...
  11. General Music Discussion
    ....i'm waiting here in an ambulance for DOCTOR LANDAU! :kd: To return and tell me why they're taking me so far away. I did what i did and i'm glad that i did. Cause i coulda been the.... i coulda been the next in line!!!!!! It is halloween weekend. :kd: DRINK UP BITCHES! :kd:
  12. General Music Discussion
    Off there I go to get my foot checked out.
  13. General Music Discussion
    He had Megadeth and Metallica stickers on the dividing window, too. Needless to say, I tipped that motherfucker.
1-18 of 42 Results