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  1. Sports Talk
  2. Sports Talk
    but tonight's game 7 of the ECF should be a pretty awesome game. Any predictions? I predict that pretty much everyone ignores this thread like all other NBA threads that pop up :rofl:
  3. Sports Talk
    Just kidding. Carry on.
  4. Sports Talk
    Lakers swept... Phil Jackson retiring... :( :noway: Which team you rootin' for? I know I can't wait for next Boston vs Miami game!
  5. Sports Talk
    I am not even kind of a basketball fan, but this is just all sorts of stupid. NBA world abuzz about new technical foul rules - NBA - Sporting News New NBA rules target the whiners and gripers - Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News While I agree that there is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much...
  6. Sports Talk
    Anyone interested in this years NBA Finals ? Lakers - Boston :) LA leads 1-0 after the first game (LA102 - Boston89) Next game - Sunday :yesway:
  7. Sports Talk
    :lol: Awesome. This is the head ref for the Semis/Finals.
  8. Sports Talk
    NBA, WWE grapple over Denver booking conflict - ESPN Just to be a dick I hope the WWE makes the Nuggets suffer.
1-10 of 10 Results