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  1. Member Introductions
    hi all my name is Ramo I'm 38 and love thrash/heavy metal, look forward to getting to know you headbangers! cheers
  2. Member Introductions
    Happy 2020 Average player, mostly accoustic and six string standard guitars. However, I wasn't satisfied with having to drop tune to acheive a deeper, darker sound and it was a pain in the ass for me to retune, or re-adjust the setup. After a couple of years contemplating what to do, I decided...
  3. Member Introductions
    hi! newbie here! been outta the scene for awhile. just looking for suggestions about thrash/spedd metal amps and guitars. thanks for the add fellow shredders! keep on shreddin"
  4. Member Introductions
    Hi my name is James I am new here nice to meet you all :D
  5. Member Introductions
    Hi guys. Casual / bedroom guitarist from Malaysia here :cool: My main hobbies are tech and computing but I've been into metal since 2005. Decided to sign up for the forums after lurking for a few weeks. Might even post some stuff for sale once my count hits 50. Look forward to chatting with...
  6. Member Introductions
    Hello all, Want to introduce myself having found this forum. Been in to metal for 30 years now! I was lucking enough to have seen 80's thrash first hand and its still one of my favorite genres. Love all types of metal but mainly now Black/ Death & Avant Garde Started playing guitar around 4...
  7. Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! Greetings from India! New member here getting back to playing the guitar after a break of 5 frigging years. Loads of changes happened during that time, and I sure do hope I catch up pretty soon! Wish me luck! :metal:
  8. Member Introductions
    Even though I'm an old hand at guitars and gear, I never got around to joining any forums so I figured I may as well start! Pretty handy with a soldering iron and am known for my rather out there mods to my gear. Cheers Six
  9. Member Introductions
    Hello all. Name's Dev and it's great to be here. I'm from Malaysia, but residing in Jakarta, Indonesia right now. Randomly landed on this site looking at reviews for a Sterling JP70 guitar. Since then I've gotten a ton of information from this site, and figured it would be great to be part of...
  10. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Hey guys.Since i have to start posting from somewhere i just thought i should show off my new Stinnett M6 custom. Some of you might have seen it already in or the caparison forum. Here are the specs: Stinnett M6 body shape with C headstock 25.5" scale Mahogany body with highly figured...
  11. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    Hey all. I'm new to FR bridges, as I've never really had much use for trems. Thus my terminology may be a bit whack, so please bear with me. --- I recently acquired an RG7420 for cheap, and I plan on using it as my beater 7. I also have with me a nice chrome OFR7 which I intend on putting on...
  12. Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I finally joined! I know a lot of you from Caparisonforum, Sevenstring, HC, RT, BaM, etc. Can't believe I never did this before! Great site! Look forward to shooting the shit about guitars, basses and gear with ya'll! -Zack
  13. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Sup guys im new to the forum.... Let me pick your brains... My new band tune to Drop b i use two 25.5" neck ibanez and not so slinky (12-56) and i cant really get a decent action out of it so i think i need a baritone/longer scale neck.... any suggestions? Ive been leaning toward the...
  14. Member Introductions
    Hey guys! :D
  15. Member Introductions
    Hi all, Just joined the site, some may recognise my moniker from TGP or other sites. I'm into superstrats and looking to get more in touch with my metal side :)
  16. Music: Recording Studio
    I've been saving up for home studio equipment and trying to decide what I will need to accomplish this goal and how much I actually need to save up to. Here is the gear I've been looking at getting. Buy Studio RTA Mix Station | Desks, Tables & Workstations | Musician's Friend Buy Line 6 POD...
  17. Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Here's a newbie coming from... Belgium :D I don't use any translaters to speak, no no... it's too bad, writing is horrible, reading is horrible... I prefer to use my English skills to write here, and I know what I say :D So, a little introduction could be useful I think. I think...
  18. Member Introductions
    Hi, First, I would gladly introduce my self here. Marky is my name. Fondly called Mark/Mar/Arky by my friends. I am a guitar enthusiast I would like to acquire more knowledge about it. Anything that would help me gain more and joining here would be my stepping stone. I do hope we could build...
  19. Member Introductions
    Hey, I'm Chris (as seen on SS.Org) I play death metal, and drink a lot. uhhhh...thats it. :rolleyes:
1-19 of 21 Results