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  1. NGD

    Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    It looks and plays like Sadness. I love it. Now I have to wait until Tuesday due to it being a long weekend. Fuck you FedEx
  2. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    So, I'm a big fan of Frank Iero, and I've been trying to find one of his sig Wilshires, but every time I find one I can't afford it, and when I can afford it I can't find one. So I finally gave up and just bought a regular one, but I'm still thinking about modding this one to be like the one he...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I was going to try to come up with a clever title full of SLO puns but fuck it - holy shit, I have a SLO! :hbang: This is (obviously) the SLO 30, with the matching slant 2x12 w/V30s. It RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPS. I have the MXR Custom Badass OD and Bad Horsie 2 out in front, with some...
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Just got word I'll have this later today. Can't wait to play it. (see page 3 for full pix)
  5. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Yup. PRS S2 594 McCarty ... And for those of you who did not get past page 1 on my other NGD thread (yes, the one with the shitty clues! :lol:)
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Brilliant axe. Incredibly resonant and sounds great. My main/best guitar before this was a Schecter C-1 Classic, which has the same wood/pickup setup other than the neck pickup, and it's so much better than that. It's wild how a nicer guitar just gets out of your way when you play it. The '59 in...
  7. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I've been staring at guitars and specs and trying to sort out my jazzmaster GAS for the last month. I've also been staring at my collection and wondering if it's time to clear some out and dip my toes into the "you should really only do this once or twice" price range. A 2017 PRS McCarty 594...
  8. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I've spent the last few months searching and saving money for a fairly specific guitar. I wanted a plain Jane, 6 string, 27" scale, passive pups this time, something to compliment my Snakebyte baritone in drop A. I almost pulled the trigger on a PRS SE277 and then I came across a good deal on a...
  9. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    As per the new tradition, the Randy Challenge™.
  10. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Saw an Ibby RG680CM in deep black 8 months ago, not something I'd see on sale often in my neck of the woods, and I wanted a guitar with Dimarzio Utopias in it (well without buying an actual Pia), so in those came, along with a Mad Hatter Terminator Evo kit, 2 gold knobs and long lockdown delays...
  11. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Got this when I inherited the bass from Moose, but never got a chance to hook it up as we were preparing to move. Well, I'm finally unpacking all my gear and such and figured I'd fire this puppy up for the first time in nearly 30 years. He got this in 1993 when we built out Sound Wizard Studios...
  12. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Behold my Rack of Doom, featuring the G/Major and GSP1101. The GSP1101 is actually still a great unit, but the G/Major fucking sucks (unless you're going to open my for sale thread after this one in which case I will proclaim it the finest tone nugget in all the land). Anyway, I moved from that...
  13. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Got too excited
  14. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Just kidding. Star Trek sucks. It's an axe fx 3. Upgraded from an FM3 after the Mesa Badlander I ordered showed up DOA. (thaNkS GiBsOn:lol:) Jeff scolded me for that one but oh well. Mainly wanted to check out the tone matching. Have no idea where to start so here we go :rofl:
  15. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Aaaaaand another PGM. What, only like 8 or 9 more to go that I want? Had the PGM500CA way back in the 90s and as always I regretted selling it. Mine was beat to hell and back. Spotted this minty 1993 one on reverb, tossed out an offer and got it. Pretty damn spotless for 27 years old. And I...
  16. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Watching an item on Reverb, and I got an offer from the vendor...
  17. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Have to sell my extra 5 string bass (the Ibanez SR3-5 EPBM if anyone's looking for a 5 string bass) and my LTD MH-7 to pay for this, but it was so worth it. Even got to demo it through a Pre-Gibson Mesa Badlander, which sounded amazing, BTW.
  18. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Picked this up as a Christmas treat to myself... I got some bonus from work, and it was a good price due to being b-stock. Very impressed with it so far. The neck is fantastic, and the Sustainiac is a lot of fun. I know the colour is not to everyone's taste, but personally I love it. In low...
  19. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Behold, the Mesa Headtrack! This thing actually works way better than the Radial so I'm really glad I upgraded. The switching is quite a bit faster and it draws less power, almost as though the buffering on the inputs is of higher quality. I have something in the loop and it's really handy to be...
  20. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Ok, so my title sucks but this guitar fucking kicks a shitload of ass. I don't love blackouts but they can stay for a bit - it also has a set of Gotoh lockers on on the way so it's due for a string change/fretboard treatment when they show up... But anyway, holy shit is this thing nice. I had...
1-20 of 500 Results