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  1. General Music Discussion
    This is so friggin cool!
  2. General Music Discussion
    Yeah, sorry not sorry, but this rules hard - "Dead Man's Party" in the style of Iron Maiden: That solo is tasty af with the most excellent pickup switch.
  3. General Music Discussion
    ...and I highly enjoyed it - and it's free if you have Prime. :yesway: Similar documentary style to "Murder In the Front Row", with good interviews with Greif, Jim Morris, Reifert, DiGiorgio, Reinart, Hoglan, Jeff Wagner, Terry Butler, Rick Rozz, Richard...
  4. General Music Discussion
    Crushing as usual but this time they have a bit of a Black Metal vibe into this song. :metal::metal::metal:
  5. General Music Discussion
    Love the main Riff and the guitar Tone is :facemelt::facemelt::facemelt:. Sounds more like old Testament than previous works.
  6. General Music Discussion
    Came across these guys a couple of months ago from a podcast where a producer was discussing great drummers he's worked with. Can't really categorise what it is they do, but i know I like it. I'm kinda feeling that bands like this and Karnivool are the reason that the new Tool album is so...
  7. General Music Discussion
    This was the 4th time I've caught AIC and to be honest, I'm not sure I'll bother next time they come around. For 20 something years I've said they're my favorite band of all time but it doesn't feel like that to me anymore. DuVall does an amazing job in the band and I really dig the records...
  8. General Music Discussion
    Having never seen Slayer before and that this was their last hurrah, I headed down last night to check them out with Napalm Death, Testament, Anthrax, & Lamb of God. All in all, a really great show. I ended up with only one usable clip because my iPhone microphone is dying so here's Angel of...
  9. General Music Discussion
    As a present of sorts for our anniversary, my wife bought us tickets to see Joe Bonamassa in Austin, TX. Last night was the show, and Joe did not disappoint. It wasn't a 'greatest hits' collection or a blues review of some sort - much of the material was either unfamiliar to me or his...
  10. General Music Discussion
    In Birmingham O2. Vader I can take or leave when it comes to recreational listening, but they were solid as fuck and put on an amazing show. Albeit a stupidly short set (it was like 25 minutes :lol:) Annihilator had to stop after two songs because someone had to be stretchered out of the pit...
  11. General Music Discussion
    ...first off, GO SEE THIS TOUR. Now that that's out of the way: First time in the new DC venue The Anthem that Dave Grohl is involved in somehow. The good: Nice, clean, good sight lines from everywhere, lots of bars, lots of bathrooms. The bad: Sound is apparently by the same acoustic design...
  12. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Dusted off the old Peavey 5150 to record this lesson (the original one I used in the studio to record the track on "ear X-tacy 2") Didnt knew Andy used the 5150, though the records were all Marshalls or Boogies. By the way before anyone notices and asks what Mid pickup is that one now, he...
  13. General Music Discussion
  14. General Music Discussion
    Fantastic show as usual. I feel like it was a bit longer than in previous years - a hair over 2.5 hours. The only real complaint I had last year was that I felt that the narrator went on a bit too long at times - they shortened it up this year and as a result things flowed a lot better. Band...
  15. General Music Discussion
    Man... I know this show won't be for everyone, but if you have any interest at ALL in sort of funk-tinged fusion, definitely check this tour out if you can. It's McLaughlin's last, and while I'm only passingly familiar with both men's work, both are killer players. I went home after the show...
  16. General Music Discussion
    ...and they weren't as bad as I feared. Actually, it was a good show, they've evidently been practicing. James' vocals were on form, Lars was actually hitting most of the drum lines and Kirk's solos were acceptable, he even nailed a couple of them to make up for the ones he screwed up :rofl...
  17. General Music Discussion
    Holy crap, that was an amazing show! He was playing a large theatre near me, which was both easier to get to and cheaper than seeing him in London. The girlfriend I went with has to use a wheelchair a lot of the time these days, so we were in the "cripple section" as she put it. Or right in...
  18. General Music Discussion
    Damn. Never gave this band much of my attention. My buddy is a big fan so I said I'd go with. I'm really glad I did. Cool stage presence / ambiance, cool music. I really enjoyed this show. Kickass band.
  19. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    NGD! This is a first for me in many ways. This is my first Caparison! IT is a Tat II In Dark Night. I traded my JPX-7 for it. I really wanted to have a nice 6er around with some good pickups. This is also my first time playing some fishmans. It has the Devin Townsend sig Set in them and...
1-19 of 175 Results