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  1. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    So I got my "Apple Silicon" Mac Mini M1, with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. I'd have a picture of it,'s a fucking Mac Mini; everyone and their mother knows what it looks like. Likes: It's a Mac. So obviously it was designed well, and just works. I actually really like the size; this...
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    Those of you crazies who listen to my music will have noticed that my mixes have a bad tendency to be bass-heavy. Here is the culprit: I've used these M-Audio BX8 monitors since about 2005. You'd think that monitors with 8" drivers would have plenty of bass response, right? You'd be wrong. At...
  3. .

    Music: Recording Studio
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Managed to haul in a few things this month: First was the Freqout. It was inevitable for me to get one and I've waited long enough. Excellent feedback generator and I can see and hear why it's so popular. Another pedal I've been eyeing for a while. More of a birthday gift for my...
  5. Music: Other Instruments
    Not as exotic as my last few non guitar acquisitions, but I've got some preproduction and a recording coming up for the country/rock gig I've associated myself with. I don't like to half ass anything so I bought one of these for some authenticity. Washburn are known with their mandolins as...
  6. Music: Recording Studio
    One of these has been on the list for years now, so I finally snagged one from the fine folks at Sweetwater. Then, because this is MG, I hopped on my road bike on my trainer last night instead of pulling it and a SM57 up and recording a few clips, but maybe tonight. :metal:
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    Picked this up in a pawn store for $60. Been keen to give it a try for quite a few years given they were so cheap for so long and I've wanted to see what they're like on guitars and, having heard they're great on vocals, some of that too. It's kinda insane they're going for a couple hundred...
  8. Music: Other Instruments
    I don't know a thing about this, except its fun as hell to play. :lol: I had to use my iphone tuner app to figure out what it was tuned to, and have spent the last couple days figuring out chords on it. It's a refreshing change of pace to pick up a stringed instrument I don't know how to play...
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    Yup, picked me up a pair of HR824's today. Only reason I bought them is the price (we're talking stupid cheap) but I figured they would be ideal as an upgrade from the Eris E8's I have as I am already familiar with what they sound like from past experience with them. Just like the NS10's, you...
  10. Music: Other Instruments
    :metal: Got this for my acoustic gigs. My ancient (and heavy as fuck) powered mixer is going to be retired as a home stereo… which, funny enough, is how it spent most of its life before I bought it, as a stereo at some restaurant :lol: If anyone gives a shit, I'll review it after our...
  11. Music: Recording Studio
    Oblig crappy cell phone shot since the Nikon is on the charger. Just starting to set up the music studio, so forgive the boxes everywhere. Fostex 8.4.1 pair, on clearance at my local tax-free Delaware Guitar Center. :flex: 60W+18W+18W three way system (8" + 4" + 3/4"). Sounds pretty damn good...
  12. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Damn, this thing is fast. MacBook Pro (15-inch Retina Early 2013) - Geekbench Browser quad core 2.4Ghz i7, 16GB of RAM, 256GB SSD. Runs VM's with no issue, boots in seconds. The screen is beautiful. SSD is ridiculously fast too. Highly recommend!
  13. NMD

    Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    New Mac day Quad-Core Mac Pro One 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 6GB Ram (three 2GB) 1TB hard drive1 18x SuperDrive ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5 Have more ram coming as well.... (bought it from a different vendor...)
  14. Music: Recording Studio
    I got a text today saying that my package would be arriving between 17:52 and 18:52, and my delivery driver was called Kev. This was awesome, as I finish work at 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday. So I got home, decided I'd had enough of waiting downstairs, got to the 2nd flight of stairs and bang...
  15. Music: Recording Studio
    Mr. S is awesome. As is his store. I now have the last pair of Adam A5X's from their stores. They even dropped in price over my lunch break. Win.
  16. Music: Recording Studio
    Stopped at Guitar Center to grab some strings.. Couldn't pass them up.
  17. General Music Discussion
    So, the original thread got derailed to fuck, and the track is no longer available, and has since been remixed by the mighty MDV. Massive thanks to the guy. My band Seek Solace In Ruin have just released their 2nd song...
  18. Music: Recording Studio
    So we finally finished recording our CD, and after trying to mix it on my Logitech computer speakers and failing miserably, I decided to pick up some studio monitors. After some searching around on here and other places, I was going to get the AV40's, but then Chris was saying they made better...
  19. Music: Recording Studio
    I'll keep it short and sweet. Here's an obligatory shitty phone pic of the mic. Here's a mahoosive box from Amazon. Here's the contents of the box from Amazon.... :lol:
  20. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Not a lot to be excited over on these at this point, since they've been out for awhile, but I ended up getting a 500 this week. So far I'm quite happy with it. Far less fizzy than the older modelers, more dynamic, more toobey. I still prefer the real thing over this, but it's a huge step in...
1-20 of 28 Results