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  1. General Music Discussion
    This is a clean freestyle i did a few weeks ago. Kinda forgot about it, but after revisiting it i actually like it a lot! Im not very well know for my guitar work done on the clean channel. that said, this is a little out of my element and rarity for me. This track should be listened to at...
  2. General Music Discussion
    What would be some cool jazz, blues, fusion, etc. artists who use 7's in their music? I've been really into jazz fusion shit after that Yellowjackets thread a few weeks back, and would like to utilize the versatility and range of a 7.
  3. General Music Discussion
    So, this is absolutely not to the tastes of most people here, but I like you guys, and I know a few of you will dig this and wanted to hear it, so I'm posting it :lol: The band is me on guitar and vocals, Jason Spence (old friend and member of my first band) on drums, and Greg Ilton (new guy)...
  4. General Music Discussion
    Snagged from Feener's facebook. Bass player absolutely rips. (It's a dude, I believe.)
  5. General Music Discussion
    So, I discovered this band this summer, and really like their sound and energy, and I started looking into them more, mainly through youtube, and discovered that they've evolved stylistically from their early days. For example, here's them a few years ago: Somewhat interesting...
  6. General Music Discussion
    A buddy of mine has been spinning this in his truck the past few times we've all chilled and it grew on me really quick. Finally picked up their album, "Let Live and Let Ghosts" and it's good so far. It's REALLY different from anything else I've heard with the combination of piano and...
  7. General Music Discussion
    So, since I'm no longer in Terrorhorse, I'm using the extra time to try and get my solo album done and off the ground. I'm going to try to get out there and do some solo acoustic shows in the near-ish future, and so here's a preview of that. The first two songs from the album, as they'll be...
  8. General Music Discussion
    So, I figured, being that this is a site mostly of metal fans, and metal gets discussed an obviously large amount, it might be cool to have a thread of all the other (besides metal) music people are listening to right now. (videos are encouraged)
  9. General Music Discussion
    I present to you, Stryper's bassist. :lol:
  10. General Music Discussion
    Reverse Neutral Drive on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads "Bringing Down Babar" has been re-mixed and made to be a bit more acceptable. Still at a rough demo level, wouldn't mind some feedback though. Yeah, it's not metal, but I enjoy it. The other two songs...
1-10 of 10 Results