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    I've always wanted one of these, and it looks like they've re-released the original (way cooler than the fucking duct tape one)… | Electric Guitars | NDM2
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    No seriously this fucking kicks all kinds of ass. Pre-suck Metallica + the Charlton Heston movie "Ten Commandments" is too much win for mere mortals. :metal:
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    What say you, Dave?
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    This is a brand new ballad by my band (Hedonism), the mix is very rough, because it's my first mixing attempt. Listen and comment, constructive criticism is more than welcome.
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    FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH SEEK ******* MIDGET TO BE NEW BASS PLAYER | MetalSucks You could join 5FDP!!!!!!
  6. General Music Discussion
    Look at the drummer..... :noodles: Have you been keeping your satan worshiping black metal drummer side gig a secret Dave?!
  7. General Music Discussion
    Open the gate, man.
  8. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    There's a Stiletto Deuce II for sale locally, I'm hoping to give it a test run. There's also a Stiletto 112 combo at the local dealer that I'm probably going to check out tomorrow. I like the Roadster (got new 6L6's recently) - but I find that ch2 brit mode sits really well in the band mix...
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    Don't deny it. Can't argue with science.
  10. The Car and Bike Forum
    Chris. I am disappoint. 06 Ninja 250. Got off work really early so i thought id go to the dealer. the one i was closer to didnt have anything, so i called another just for the heck of it. Within 4 minutes of talking on the phone, i was already talking to finance department on how my loan...
  11. The Car and Bike Forum
    A lot of you already know about my accident a year ago, which left my beloved GTI in this state: I picked up a new daily driver shortly after this, and the car has been sitting in my garage, waiting for my annual bonus. Well, the bonus just came in, so I'm going all in, ordering engine...
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    This Is What Really Hides In Taco Bell's "Beef" :eek: :barf:
  13. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
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    Exam time. Ban me til the 17th December, please? See you guys later! :lol:
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    So I've been bothering these two guys for who knows how long regarding tone, settings, tweaks etc for SD style pickups. As you know I've got a Jazz neck and a BKP Holy Diver (JB7 variant) but being new to these types of pickups ie: very testy and sensitive pups - I couldnt get the right...
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    Its 'just' your size! :fawk:
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    But only because my goatee is shorter. How all you guys doing?