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nuno bettencourt
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    Randomly stumbled across finding Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme) played solos on their new album for this track. The song in itself is pretty rad (especially the production) and I am digging the chorus. Sounds kind of bluesy?
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    So I bought the DVD when it came out. It comes with a Blu-Ray, Regular DVD and a CD for like 15$. It's pretty awesome considering everything that comes with it. There's also a Documentary with the Band and it's neat seeing where the guys, wrote, recorded and etc. If you watch the Documentary...
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    I've been looking forward to this DVD and it has a Documentary too! The guys sound awesome and the DVD looks great! Now we can finally see how Nuno plays those insane-groove-infested riffs.
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    I cannot, cannot wait to see this tour! Nuno must be practicing up something really special for us going! :shred: Nuno & Vai are going to straight slay this show!
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    One of the best videos I have watched in a while... :lol: 6:17
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1-6 of 6 Results