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    :usa: :usa: :usa: What a great game between USA and Russia. It's hard for me to cheer against Ovi, but since Malkin is on the team, that makes it a little easier.
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    This goal was ignored.
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    This Classic Antique Suhr is awesome! It features an aged Alder body with finish checking and dings/dents to give it that worn in feel of a vintage instrument at a fraction of the cost! Specs: Suhr Classic Antique # 19765 Alder body Roasted Maple neck Indian Rosewood fingerboard Even C Medium...
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    I just can't get on with this guitar at all so it has to go as it's taking up funding for future amp projects. I would prefer collection It has a bit of tarnish to the hardware and one tiny scratch on the headstock but other than that it's in great condition. Oh it comes with the hardcase...
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    Tons of pics: Flavorwire » Fascinating Photos of Abandoned Olympic Sites Around the World
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    Would make for good avatars. :lol: This Is How Olympic Divers Really Look While Diving There's also a new meme featuring divers on toilets...
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    First there was the scandal that they were made in China. That's a little ridiculous - but this... U.S. Olympic Collection - Men - America! Hot dogs! Apple pie! Liberty! Freedom! ... Berets! :twitch:
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    Damn, this dude's from the next town over from me (Seabrook, NH). Every overpass in the area is plastered with banners/signs supporting him. U.S. snowboarder sent home after racy Internet photos appear
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    So who else is watching?? I'm a czech, so i was happy to see the czech v. slovakia game last night. Looking forward to some USA v. Canada. I'm watching USA throw around norway right now. GO USA AND CZECHS!
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    AP source Georgian Olympic luger dies after crash - Road Runner :(
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    Get Pole Dance Accepted into the Olympics Petition Good luck with that. :lol: Instead of medals they'll hand out fist fulls of $1 dollar bills. :yesway: