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  1. Sports Talk
    Two different people just texted me this, can't find an online source. Anyone? EDIT...I probably should have actually looked at more than one place IOC bans Russian team from 2018 Winter Olympics - CBC Sports - Road to the Olympic Games winter sports...
  2. Sports Talk
    Penis crushes pole vaulter's Olympic dream | New York Post The fucking gif.
  3. Sports Talk
    Wrestling Dropped From Olympics - Never saw this coming. Yeah, its not a huge tv draw but still it is IMO one of the foundation sports of the Olympics. it certainly isn't any more boring to watch than track and field or swimming.
  4. Sports Talk
    :usa: :usa: Simon's boss is not amused.
  5. General Music Discussion
    ...and it's almost awesome. Except for the bit between the symphonic intro and the actual lyrics. Glad to hear the heavier, downtuned stuff returning though.
  6. Sports Talk
    Sadly, he's been dead about 34 years. Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony | Music News | Rolling Stone
  7. Sports Talk
    Fear prompts bobsledders to quit Olympics -
1-7 of 8 Results