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    :rofl::rofl: StSanders is a genius. :lol:
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    Haven't seen this before, pretty awesome stuff from a few years ago.
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    So many as you know, I have been fan-boying over Michael Romeo of Symphony X releasing his solo album. You guys have to listen to some of this stuff. It sounds like bits of a Symphony X album we have been waiting for or hoping might occur. This album just rules. Mascot put most of it up. I'd...
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    I'll admit, I didn't expect Romeo to have singing but the singer sounds great and of course Romeo is nothing short of exception. It honestly sounds like a track that should have been on Paradise Lost which I why kind of wish Russell was singing it. :lol: I am loving all the Orchestra parts...
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    So this is really, really awesome! Figured some of you guys might enjoy it. I cannot imagine how Guthrie feels after Hans Zimmer complimented him in such a way... Wow.
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    So some of you may know that The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has a new album coming out: "Letters of the Labryinth." They just released one of their new tracks, "The Night Conceives," which features Kayla Reeves (TSO Singer). She has always this super powerful and raspy voice that I have always...
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    I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF! :scream: :flex: Chris Caffery had announced there would be a new singer and friend singing in Trans-Siberian Orchestra this year... But I NEVER thought it would be... Sir Russell Allen! This is so amazing! I was not even going to go see TSO this year but they...
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    Original Entombed Members Hellid, Cederlund, Andersson To Reunite For 'Clandestine' Performance - Any Sweeds going? Any Sweeds have extra couch space for an American?
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    I have a theme that I want to do with an orchestra. I have the melody, the chords, and the bass notes, but I don't know how to translate that into how an orchestra would do it. I mean, I can play it (notes, chords, bass) with a strings/orchestra setting in a VST but that's not how an actual...
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    Easily the top album this year. I haven't heard anything this "fresh" in a long time. You really have to listen to the whole thing in its entirety, but if you only have time for two tracks... ^1:35: Really an indescribable switch up in dynamics. Comes out of nowhere. Genius. I won't spoil it...
  11. Music: Recording Studio Still not happy with this, going to work on it quite a bit more. Using guitar pro to write, and Reason 4 for sounds.... still quite not epic enough, and i've had issues with it setting in the mix right, just need better EQing but...
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    Bass and electric guitar were done with the Axe-Fx. Bass: SV amp into 4x10 and 1x15 cabs Electric guitar: 1987X mod amp, 2x12 custom cab, T808 mod od pedal, and loads of spring reverb. Acoustic is a $99 Epiphone. Rest is all East West Orchestra Platinum...
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    I wish I wouldn't have had this idea :lol: because EVERY song is going to take fucking forever to do this! :rofl: I have decided instead of using Reason 4's full orchestra sound files, I am going to construct my own orchestra from single instrument sound files, by programming using Guitar...
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    I know there's no guitar in this but I'm hoping some of you might enjoy it anyway. Major highlight of my year was this intense gamelan composition that our Balinese director composed for us this year. Intensely difficult to play, and check out the shifting odd time signatures and polyrhythms...
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    I stambled over them by accident a while ago, now finally i got the album "birds of fire" here...holy mother, what have I missed until now! Picked the package up from the post office this morning and just listened to this one song i already knew on my way to work - cant wait to get home to enjoy...
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    Found on Apparently this was a birthday present for Mike Portnoy.