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    What 'ze fuck. :mad: I have a folder with a bunch of videos in it. It's UAV shit, so some of it is mpeg, some's wmv, and some are avi. I have VLC installed, and want it to be the default player for all of the file types. So I pick a file, say predator.wmv, right click, open with, Other, and up...
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    Anyone know of a decent fretboard app for OS X? I have Guitar Pro and its OK, but I am looking for a fretboard app that is pretty much just for fretboard work. The fretboard in Guitar Pro is pretty small and its hard to view unless I am right in front of it.
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    To be fair. :lol: Logitech's software just shit on my OS. Interval Since Last Panic Report: 5301 sec Panics Since Last Report: 1 Anonymous UUID: EDDDFFFA-1F21-4745-AE01-CBF45B77F118 Wed Dec 23 11:55:27 2009 panic(cpu 1 caller 0x226820): "thread_invoke...
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    ... Without having the old password? Just bought a new used Mac and the seller does not have the password. :noway: I can't dowload updates. :(