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  1. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I think there are like 3 KPA people here who might give a shit, but I bought this last night: And it's badass. :metal:
  2. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I love this dude's playing so much. This all sounds fuckin' fantastic. :kip:
  3. Music: Recording Studio
    This weekend only- $29 for this expansion pack (66% off). This is the primary kit that I use for my stuff. Great deal.
  4. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    Brand new in box. Just don't need it. $80 obo shipped.
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    Been getting serious about recording lately. I already did some upgrades to my recording hardware last year (new computer, new interface, monitor speakers, etc.) I just invested some more into mics, acoustic treatment, etc. and I'm filling in some of the last few essential gaps. One of the...
  6. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I've bought 10- or 12-packs previously, but now I'm going with this instead! SUPER NICE and convinient! And I dont even change strings that often.
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    Whats up my dudes?? I recently decided to get the ML Djent Pack because im a sucker for 4x12 mesa cabs and had to have it. I also have 13 and 7 and I really wanted to hear the difference between all 3 so I did a shoot out! I used my default mark IV patch with all 3 and the only thing I changed...
  8. Music: Recording Studio
    The fourth title in the Metal Guitar Gods series presents 50 unique amp and cab settings modeled directly after the personal tones of four top metal players: Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind), Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides), Wes Hauch (Black Crown Initiate) and Michael Keene (The Faceless)...
  9. Guitars For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Well I bought this on a whim and while it's a killer guitar, I know it's gonna end up collecting dust in the near future so I'd rather sell it to someone who will either use it or at least have space on their racks for it to gather dust in peace. 2007 model, artists pack. Maple top, mahogany...
  10. Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade /...
    Do you hate good tone? Is chainsaw black metal grind your thing? Do you run a Metal Zone into your Crate full stack? Do you think Dimebag used too much mids? Do you own a Mark V and run the gain, treble and presence on 10? WELL TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY FRIEND. Ol' Papa Quigs has JUST the...
  11. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    This lived in my rack when I had pedals. I havent even uncoiled the wire. $20 firm and it is yours. Comes with everything except the box. Ships from New Orleans, LA REFS: lewstherin006 on, lucaslecompte on fractal, EBMM and bareknuckle forums. lucas013 on ebay.
  12. Sports Talk
    File under: Nobody fucking cares. :lol: However! I got a new hydro pack for long rides, and it is bad fuckin' ass. :metal: It's one of these: Osprey Packs Zealot 16 Hydration Pack with Reservoir: Sports & Outdoors And is HUUUGE. The small Camelbak (50oz) on the left is my...
  13. Music: Recording Studio
    Producer Pack Vol 2: Mad Oak Studio
  14. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Pretty cool little collection of (mostly) smaller cabs. I"ll probably snag this as it is only $20 and I like buying shit. Guessing more will follow based on the "vol. 1" in the title.
  15. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I made a pack of high gain amps with my broskie Aaron Smith (he recorded and produced the newest Loomis record) at his Envisage Audio studio. Amps include a Rhodes Colossus, Krank Rev1, Peavey JSX, EVH 5150III, Orange Jim Root and Peavey 5150 Blockletter. Enjoy! Black Metal Bicycle Downloads
  16. Music: Recording Studio
    Anyone have any experience with this? is it worth having? Are the tones realistic (within reason) ?
  17. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Visual Sound 1 Spot combo pack in perfect shape. Been using it for a couple years in my pedal case with no issues. With what you get in this pack you can power up to 8 pedals (ive done all 8 just fine) with one single wall plug. Includes 5 adapters...
  18. Music: Recording Studio
    I installed it but it doesn't show up in the drop down list of presets in the UI
  19. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I decided I wanted to do a 10-65g strings on my RG7421. I haven't found any 7 string sets that heavy so I bought a set of DR 13-65 and a single 10. Well, I was putting the strings on and I found with the DR strings that only the 65 and 56 were wound, the rest were plain steel. I've never...
1-20 of 25 Results