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    A bit of random noodling with the latest incarnation of my pedalboard. Signal Chain - Guitar (Chapman ML-1) - Marshall Bluesbreaker II (used as buffer/boost), Korg Pitchblack, Fulltone OCD, TC Flashback Delay, T-Rex Tonebug Reverb - Egnater Rebel 20 (Clean)
  2. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    StageTrix - Pedal riser: No more tap dancing, no more messy cables Seems pretty nifty for you pedalboard-having folks. :yesway:
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I need a proper pedalboard for my pedals cause my current one (the boss one) doesn't have enough space and is kinda flimsy. I'm gonna be using my wah and whammy plus 5 regular stomboxes (a boss tuner, a boost etc.) so I need quite a lot of space for them. And I want the pedalboard to be durable...
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    Description: Mint condition Line 6 M13 pedalboard modeler thingus, allows you to run any four effects at one time, in any order (even redundant effects) and toggle around to any of 12 within one preset. 100+ effects to choose from. Features a configurable stereo loop (which also can split out to...
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    I saw this on Facebook earlier and I thought I should pass it along Steve Vai's Pedal Board From Jemfest X! - eBay (item 260702230294 end time Dec-12-10 14:31:30 PST)
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    Sorry, no funny epicness in this unfortunately. ...and it didn't turn out as cool as the original legendary one that started it all. I just needed a larger pedalboard and though it'd be cheaper to build it. Enter fresh wood. Mask...ahhhhhhhh!! I was thinking of green, but I saw "hammered...
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    Any suggestions for a good powered pedalboard?
  8. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Okay, so i just had an epic New Pedalboard Day earlier in the year. But that setup wasn't complete, and i was already getting a little overwhelmed with the complexity of it (and it still didn't have the MIDI amp switcher). It also wasn't working exactly as i wanted it to from a tone and volume...