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    Hey all, Here is another short cover by periphery, showcasing the axe fx and some other great software products and especially the new ownhammer beta cab! heck it out and feel free to comment! P.S if you haven't listened to my dream theater medley....take a listen and enjoy! Justin...
  2. Music: Other Instruments
    I have been battling with my kick in SD for a while now and I have realized that everything I am doing isn’t getting me where I want to go with it. Basically I am after the kick sound from Periphery II album. Facepalm Mute is a good example. Your normal scooped kick but with a really nice low...
  3. General Music Discussion
    But Axel Mansoor... A little bit different than our metal filled forum, maybe you dig it maybe you don't. Enjoy regardless.
  4. Music: Other Instruments
    Hi folks! A couple weeks ago, during my band's recordings, we had enough time to let our drummer record a bunch of covers at the beautiful Blackmirror Studios. The first of these is Periphery's classic tune Icarus Lives. Many other drum videos will be released soon, including covers and...
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    Really dig the song, and video. A lot of guitar porn in this video, might be NSFW (not safe for your wallet) :p
  6. General Music Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I'd like to introduce my band, our name is .linked. we are a six piece band that plays technical modern metal. We are happy to announce that after allot of work, our demo is finally online and is completely FREE for downloading\streaming. The demo is available for...
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    ZOMG!! NEW PERIPHERY ALBUM STREAMING IN FULL!!!!! | A/V | Metal Injection Loving it.
  8. General Music Discussion
    song is badass, Spencer is one hell of a singer.
  9. General Music Discussion
    Periphery single "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY" from new album is up on iTunes and Youtube! Hey guys, we just put up our single "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY" from our new album on iTunes and Youtube, so you can check it out here: iTunes - Music - Make Total Destroy - Single by Periphery Periphery - Make Total...
  10. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys! Glad to finally announce that the preorders for our new album are up! Pick em up here: Periphery For all you Vinyl lovers, here is the new Periphery album on 180g VINYL!! Preorder it now as these are limited runs. Available in two colors! Periphery
  11. General Music Discussion
    Exclusive: Periphery Officially Announce July 3 Release Date for New Album | Guitar World Wow, this should be cool. I don't really care for most djent, but I do like Periphery and Tesseract. I'll definitely be getting this album. Whether you like Djent or not, it's cool seeing the Bulbster...
  12. General Music Discussion
    Was an amazing show, I had a chance to meet Jeff before hand at an in store signing he was doing. (as a side note I think Noodles would appreciate the choice of hoodie Jeff is wearing in the photo) :p Periphery was really on fire, they probably had the best energy from every time I have seen...
  13. General Music Discussion
    Spencer's vocals are starting to grow on me.
  14. General Music Discussion
    They have a cool mix of heartwork era Carcass with more modern metal like Protest the Hero. Really digging the playing and tone :yesway:
  15. General Music Discussion
    I say sort of cuz its really Spencer and Taylor's idea. (the engineer, whose studio we are currently recording our album at) Sponce did vocals, Taylor produced and played guitar, Will his assistant played bass, and i played the drums (Matt went in the next day to retrack the choruses because i...
  16. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Well not really but almost. The Solar7 is going to be played by guitarist Joe Nurre in Jeff Loomis band during the whole tour. Right now I think I'm the happiest guy ever... One thing would beat this... If I could've been Jeff Loomis rhythm guitarist :D Here's a video of Joe playing one of the...
  17. General Music Discussion
    Here is a sneak preview of how the album tones are coming out so far! Nolly has been an indispensable prat. Also he has been an indispensable part of the process, and i think he has helped us get the sounds to the next level!
  18. General Music Discussion
    Periphery - Icarus Falls - YouTube :metal:
  19. General Music Discussion
    Periphery part ways with bass player |
  20. General Music Discussion
    Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up if you have a chance to catch this show do your self a favor and go! I honestly cannot describe how good The Human Abstract are live, all I can say is that they have completely destroyed any other band I have seen live before in terms of sound /...