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    The singer in this band just totally destroys, he has amazing power metal cleans with brutal death metal growls. They just came out with their EP, and its available to stream on their band camp: Nostalgia | Corelia Have been really digging these guys, also FYI the singer is currently on tour...
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    at least as offical band members anyway. Periphery parts ways with guitarist Alex Bois - Touring plans will not be changing! by Periphery on Myspace
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    Anyone catch it? I read at Wal-mart while the gf was shoping :lol: Interesting stuff too. Like how Bulb found everyone.
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    Oh my god! Periphery's Photos - Profile Pictures | Facebook
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    Pretty sweet, I didn't see a thread on it so here you go. Well done cover, and it's awesome for them to have gotten on the soundtrack of a major game!
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    Hey guys! Im happy to say that the preorders are FINALLY up for our new release called "Icarus Ep" It features some revisited and tweaked, some hard to find, and some brand new material as well as a few fun electronic remixes of our song "Icarus Lives!" as well as the videos for "Jetpacks Was...
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    Hi guys! I recently interviewed Alex Bois of Periphery fr my music promotion group Dissonant Media. Here is the interview, please rate and subscribe if you want and help support us. :)
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    Periphery just released their new video for "Jetpacks Was Yes" and it's pretty great, IMHO. Not a typical 6-guys-in-a-warehouse video, or anything like that. Periphery - 'Jetpacks Was Yes!' (NME Exclusive) - NMETV Latest Music Videos and Clips | - NME.COM
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    D.C.'s best metal albums of 2010 :metal:
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    Had a chance to drive down to Chicago to see Periphery / Veil of Maya yesterday; both bands were nothing short of amazing. Misha was working the Merch table the entire night, so i had a chance to go up and say hi to him (really nice / down to earth guy); other members of the band were hanging...
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    So, all the details are in there, I'll quote what's there so far for those who can't/don't go to Periphery's trailer got broken into, 3 of Alex's guitars were stolen! - My own bit: Alex and the rest of Periphery are some of the nicest, coolest guys I've met, and while...
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    Hey guys! So the rest of the guys in Periphery are sick of playing that "New Groove" track we have opened almost every show with for the last year, so i figured id take a stab at writing a new one (for when we start off with 7 strings) I felt like doing something that would set the mood perhaps...
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    Kinda fun:
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    I see all this "Meshuggah clone" crap being bandied around, but now that I've heard the album close to 30 times, I can barely hear much Meshuggah influence at all. It seems the band draws far more from SikTh than Meshuggah. Opinions?
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    I couldn't find anybody that posted it so if I missed that post my apologies.
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    Hey guys, just thought i would quickly share that we have uploaded a new track, and for those of you who wanted something new, we have uploaded our album opener "Insomnia" Hope you guys dig it! You can find it here: PERIPHERY - NEW SONG AND ALBUM PRE-ORDERS UP! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming...
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    PERIPHERY - "Periphery Lives Contest" Custom song written for Grand Prize Winner!! Hey guys! In the weeks leading up to our album's release on 4/20, we are running a little contest where you can win free Periphery stuff like the Album, Hoodies, T-shirts and a Grand Prize where we will write a...
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    So, last night budda and I drove down to Windsor to check out Periphery live and in person. The venue wasn't great. Well, realistically, the venue would have been great, had they been on the good stage, as opposed to on the small stage, being forced to look at the good stage from afar :lol...
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    PERIPHERY - "The Walk" from our debut album is UP!! Album Preorders are UP!! Hey guys!! We posted another track from our debut album, a lot of you guys may know this one, its called "The Walk" You can hear it here: We also finally have album preorder packages going...
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    Periphery pictures by erikhoppy - Photobucket Those are from a fellow on the HCAF. Shot with a Canon 30D, so they're pretty decent. Bulb's rocking the Carvin!