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  1. General Music Discussion
    Not metal but still cool none the less. I love Robert Johnson and all those old delta blues guys and it's always fascinating when small fragments of the past pop up. New photo of bluesman Robert Johnson unearthed; only third photo in existence - San Antonio Express-News
  2. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media I decided to turn it into a single cover! The original photo reminded me of the Superunknown cover for some reason, so I slapped a logo on it and voilà! What do you think?
  3. General Music Discussion
    We are a two man metal band who are making an EP DIY style. This is a diary. (Note before main topic: I wasn't sure if this belonged in the recording section or not because 99% of this thread will contain pictures or video of the process of recording, not actual recordings.) snip HELLO! This...
  4. Science 101 with Leon
    Interesting..... On Anniversary Of Apollo 8, How The 'Earthrise' Photo Was Made : The Two-Way : NPR
  5. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Sorry it's posted here mods, but tapatalk sucks, and I couldn't post a new thread in health section. Anyhow, yesterday at work I crushed my middle finger between some metal. I won't be playing any guitar for a while. For those sick fucks on here, I snapped some photos. Here's one
  6. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    My wife takes pictures constantly... we hang them all over the place, and give them as gifts and stuff. We usually have them printed for us, but her birthday is coming up and she wants a printer of her own to use at home. Just for small stuff, 5x7's, 4x6's, small squares.... what is a good...
  7. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Hey guys! I'm making some lovely 11 by 14 in prints of some of my photos. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to where to get them done. Quality is important, but money is also a factor...Walmart can do them for 3 bucks apparently...but I don't know if the quality will be there...
  8. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Does anyone have anything they recommend? This is for work - we're looking for images to use in our white papers and research reports that we distribute to our clients and partners. Investment firm, if it matters. Electronic and limited paper distribution (we sometimes use these as handouts for...
  9. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    Hey dudes! I've been keeping a photo journal while my band is out on tour in Europe. I recently changed over to Lightroom for my processing, really happy with the look it's helping me achieve:). The photoblog is here if anyone is interested to check it out/follow: Nolly
  10. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Hi Everyone I got this guitar last summer but never got around to make a NGD :noway: I hope, however, that this makes up for it :) Without further ado Enjoy
  11. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    So my girlfriend and I were walking our dogs the other day in the neighborhood, and this lady pulls up and wants to shoot our dogs for a thing she's doing. I thought she was kinda messing around, until she rolls up with like 10K plus worth of gear. Here are some examples of the shots she got...
  12. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    So, a family member of mine has seemingly lost ALOT of photos. Now, I found some software that will auto-recover photos, but that is recovering every single fucking photo ever cached on it, so I'm looking at about 20,000 photos :pissed: Does anyone know any software I can use where I can go...
  13. Science 101 with Leon
    Even got the space station in the shot :eek: link: INSANELY awesome solar eclipse picture | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
  14. Art, Movies, Books, TV & Media
    National Geographic Photo Contest 2010 Winners Some pretty amazing shots in there. I'd printscreen and embed a couple on here but my editor is screwed up ATM.
  15. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Kakow. Mike asked me to take a picture of one of my guitars but my camera fails at high res. so here is something else done for fun.
  16. General Music Discussion
    So today Jeff Loomis had a clinic in town :wavey: And since a MG member threatened me that I will get banned if I will not go and make vids/pics... so... I went and did my best :) It was very interesting and some funny parts also. Jeff answered a lot of questions (Respect to the Nevermore fan...
1-18 of 25 Results