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    I ordered a Dugain Aventurine pick and It's amazing. Holy Harmonics Batman! It's extremely smooth, the finger carving on the back and front are awesome. It definitely takes time to get a control, since it's thick and heavy. But the sound is soo different, even the attack. You have to dig less...
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    Assorted dunlop picks and I have quite a few more in another box. I don't use 'em anymore because I :wub: me my red bears You pay for shipping. Updated with details - - most of a 72 pack of ultex standard 1.14mm - most of a 24 pack of bug stubby 3mm - a few dozen pitch black jazz .88mm...
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    Recently have heard of guthrie with his red bear picks and did a search on yahoo engine... yes it seems to have pretty cool colors a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from.. but its just plain hype going at 20USD? each.... i wont mind to consider if it is almost indestructable at all...
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    Dunlop - NYLON STANDARD MAX GRIP I can't find these in 0.88 anywhere. They don't even have them on their online store. :lol: Normally, I use the standard nylon picks, but I want to give these a try (I use the grip to dig into the bass strings). Help?
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