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  1. General Music Discussion
  2. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Had a pretty damn fine weekend.:flex: I'm kind of known as the "Foodie" in my family. Yes I know I sound fat. :stone: I am, so :fawk: Anyway, my nieces husband (nephew-in-law?) was turning 30 last week and my niece wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party. He's been wanting a pig roast...
  3. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food I believe I would enjoy them. Why, yes I do believe I would really enjoy them.
  4. General Music Discussion
    Earlier today my brother and I noticed War Pigs and Walking in a Winter Wonderland could be mixed together really well. We got everything ready to record our mash-up, but just as a safety precaution, we did a Youtube search before we began... and found this... Assholes beat us to...
  5. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    Quail in a Cornish Hen in a Duck in a Chicken in a Turkey IN A PIG. Stuffed, layered and wrapped in BACON. Oh, yes. This is truly... EPIC.
  6. Science 101 with Leon
    Cool as fuck. New solution may help make transplants more available. Chemical Cocktail Keeps Resurrected Heart Alive for 10 Days Outside of Body | Popular Science
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    So after playing with Jeff Broll's GuitarHacks impulses, I decided to turn my attention to Gearbox, of which I haven't been 100% geeked about lately. I recorded using the GB software as a means of tone, but the actual signal recorded to Reaper was a totally dry guitar signal. I then "re-amped"...
  8. Metal News Feeds
    Cementing their status as the greatest metal festival in the United States, the organizers of the annual Maryland Deathfest, which will take place from May 22nd to 24th at the Sonar in Baltimore, MD, have released the following update:"We'd like to let everyone know that we've decided to utilize...
1-8 of 9 Results