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  1. Amps & Gear For Sale / Trade / Wanted
  2. Science 101 with Leon
    ...for now, at least :D The world's largest solar power plant is now up and running 9 million solar panels. 9,000,000. :greatkat:
  3. Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food
    I've got a few ideas on what I want to do with these two rows down the sides of my backyard, but I wanted to see what you guys could come up with?
  4. Science 101 with Leon
    Hogweed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A buddy of mine posted some Facebook pics of him giving a lecture on why this plant is rather unfriendly. I had no idea it was such an asskicker. :lol:
  5. Metal News Feeds
    The legends that are LED ZEPPELIN are expected to reunite and tour…without Robert Plant. Classified under 'epic fail' or 'waste of time', the remaining members (plus John Bonham's son Jason Bonham) are currently trying out vocalists to fill the shoes of Mr. Plant for this proposed tour...
  6. Metal News Feeds reports: Robert Plant has put the hammer down on rumors he will join LED ZEPPELIN for a 2009 tour and recording sessions. In a statement on his Web site, Plant says he "has no intention whatsoever of touring with anyone for at least the next two years." Following ZEPPELIN's one-off...
1-6 of 13 Results