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  1. Sports Talk
    wow good old time hockey... crosby and pens goin down? vancouver; no riot its only the first round. senators maby a surprise? think the leafs will ever get in.... ok i was joking.. whats your thoughs on the playoff actoin. personal fave was carkner beating boyle like he owed him money, with...
  2. Sports Talk
    Lakers swept... Phil Jackson retiring... :( :noway: Which team you rootin' for? I know I can't wait for next Boston vs Miami game!
  3. Sports Talk
    The 2010 Seattle Seahawks: Worst. Playoff. Team. Ever? -
  4. Sports Talk
    :fawk: The Yankees have no shot this year so at least you have that to get you through the winter.
  5. Sports Talk
    Proposal to change OT rules in playoff games passed by 28-4 vote So if a team returns the kickoff for a touchdown it's game over. But if the run it back to the opponent's 20 yead line and kick a field goal the other team gets a possession? :spock:
  6. Sports Talk
    Well I am. I have a date with my couch and my TV starting at 6 tonight. If the Yankees lose this opening series you might see some serious venting and ranting on here.... Just a heads-up.
  7. Sports Talk
    Way to back into the playoffs, Boston. It's a good thing Texas had no chance to take the wild card. How about winning a game before the season ends. :roll2: :fawk:
1-7 of 7 Results