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  1. Music: Recording Studio
    So, I used to record with a Fractal Axe-FX II but sold it a couple of years back when I basically hung up my hat in terms of my hopes of becoming a professional musician, and took a break from recording. This year I've managed to get the bug back and have started up a bedroom project, but I'm...
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    I have been on an At The Gates kick lately. Found online that they used a HM-2 into a Metal Zone into a clean amp. This was interesting to me and I wanted to give it a go in the plugin world. HM-2 is FREE here...
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Is it possible to control ampsims VSTs and effects with MIDI footswitch into Cubase, for example?
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    I've been mostly relying on the Samplicity Bricasti M7 impulses loaded in ReaVerb, or the Waves Rennaissance, but the impulses aren't the most user-friendly approachh, and the Waves is kinda... uninspiring? It works, it's smooth, but it doesn't really catch my ear as being anything interesting...
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    2015-oct-waves-monthly | I picked up CLA-Vocals for $49. I don't know if that's the going price, but it's a good deal either way for a great plugin :yesway:
  6. Music: Recording Studio
    Sweetwater's doing a sale on a couple individual plugins at Sweetwater, today only, $29 each. Bass Rider bass automation plugin CLA Drums processor LoAir subharmonic generator SuperTap delay Renaissance Reverb V-EQ4 neve clone EQ Some of these are probably more useful than others (Bass Rider...
  7. Music: Recording Studio
    Hi there! I'm a firm believer cabinet is the most important link in the chain regarding guitar tones (apart from hands of course), so I recently did a comparison between different softwares that enable Impulse Response loading, to check if they do have sonic differences and, if yes, which one...
  8. Music: Recording Studio
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    Nevermind. I figured it out. This thread can be deleted. Sorry!
  10. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Total stab in the dark but as i'm in my final year and have realised that I fall short in programming skills i'm looking to jump start my electronics knowledge from uni/boost my skills with VST programming. Has anyone had experience with this book? Looking for any reviews/more info... While the...
  11. Music: Recording Studio
    Okay, I have a TonePort UX2, I'm tired of the Line 6 tones and decided to try out some of the free VST plugins floating around. I can get a great tone with VSTs and Impulses, but I can't figure out how to apply the effects in a way I can monitor them as I'm recording. As it stands now, I'm...
  12. Music: Recording Studio
    TSE AUDIO - Software Haven't tried them yet, but looks like they could be pretty solid. And the paypal donation is to buy the dude a beer, so I most certainly will if I end up liking them. :yesway:
  13. Music: Recording Studio
    Welcome to Antress Modern Plugins I'm sure most of you are already aware of/using these, but 1.) if you're not, they're free and they're pretty good, so check them out, and 2.) I've been working on drum programming the last week or two, and as a "quick hit," it's really pretty amazing what...
  14. Music: Recording Studio
    Just got an email this morning with some pretty excellent deals on a few plugins, including Q10 EQ, Mondomod and Supertap for $9 each: Mix Better For Less | Waves Very, very tempted to give Supertap and Mondomod a spin - been after a decent tremolo and vibrato plugin for a while now, and at $9...
  15. Music: Recording Studio
    Me and my buddy were trying to do some DI recording into logic pro 9 but the stock guitar plugins are terrible. We tried for two hours and could not get a decent tone. Do you guys have any recommendations?
  16. Music: Recording Studio
    Looking for a really good, lush, and configurable free or reasonably cheap stereo chorus plugin. Go!
  17. Music: Recording Studio
    So I was playing around on guitar and didn't want to fire up my amp, so instead I decided to plug in to my interface and goof around with plugins. I'm using Pro Tools and mostly only have the stock plugins that came with the Pro Tools Factory bundle. Here's something I came up with using only...
  18. Music: Recording Studio
    Hi everybody Bluenoiseplugins are looking for a few skillfull drum programmers to create demosongs for the webpage etc. You must be able to program complex drumparts and preferably to your own music. The music must sound professional and it will be used on the page which have about 6-8k hits a...
  19. Music: Recording Studio
    I know it's a stretch if anyone here has. They look like they may be pretty solid, but there's so many plugins out there now, how are you supposed to know which are actually worth getting, ya dig? Here's a link to the site if you wanna check em out Welcome to Nomad Factory Creative Software...
  20. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Hi there, Has anyone here used these plugins? If so: opinions? LePou Plugins
1-20 of 20 Results