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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    Schecter Guitar Research Unveils the Chris Poland Solo-6 FR Poltergeist | 2015-01-13 | Premier Guitar If it lets me play me like him, I'll buy several.
  2. Member Introductions
    So, just wanted to say hi! Power engineering student reports in! And owner of a few nice guitars and axe fx too :)
  3. General Music Discussion
    Hey everyone! I'd like to show you great metal band from Poland, formed in 1879. They relased only 2 albums in english version, but Polish language isn't bad :D So, from their first album: some live video in english version: From second album: I could show you many more great songs...
  4. Member Introductions
    So... hello! I'm 19, and love 80's thrash and heavy metal. My favourite band is KAT (thrash from Poland). I hope I will find many interesting demos here and could show you some recordings.
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    Hey! We are just finishing our first 100% DIY EP so I would like to share with you the first results. Hope you like it!
  6. Member Introductions
    Hi everybody! I just wanted to say ,hello" to every member of this community and quickly introduce myself. Well, I'm teenager passionate about music. Especially heavy metal, hard rock... yeah mainly rock. I got interested 'bout guitars almost year ago and then I started playing... learning. I...
  7. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    We - Skervesen Guitars - started experimenting with fanned frets. So this is a prototype of ours - and also an approach for new body and headstock design called The Swan. Here's specification: Neck - rosewood/ebony Fretboard - ebony Fanned frets 25,5-27" scale Body - ash Top - radius bubinga /...
  8. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    neat (and flash free it looks) Google
  9. General Music Discussion I went to high school with Frank, and was in the jazz band with him for three years (he's a year younger than me). He's an amazing sax player, always has been, even when he was in his teens. It's really awesome to see him become so successful. It also makes me feel like a big...
  10. General Music Discussion
    Really, just a reason to post this. Damn this dude kicks ass.
  11. Member Introductions
    Hi to everyone, this forum is very interesting :) :yesway: :metal:
  12. General Music Discussion
    his runs are a bit over top here and there... but still amazing!
  13. General Music Discussion
    Found it tucked away with all the Megadeth stuff at HMV yesterday.:) Such a glorious album...makes it clear exactly how much I need to practice right now, and how much I want his tone.:lol:
  14. General Music Discussion
    By now, everyone has probably seen this one: I just found this one, where he talks about bending: How the hell does he squeeze so many little bends into a fast progression like that? :eek:
  15. Member Introductions
    So I made my way to infect this site with my presence ;) Greetz from Poland BTW :D Came here from through Leon's signature :lol:
  16. General Music Discussion
    I need to go practice...
1-19 of 22 Results